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I’ve spent my last two birthdays in a boat with family and friends: On my 28th, we boarded for Kalanggaman Island. on my 29th, we checked out Cuatro Islas.

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Yacht Birthday Cruise |

On my 30th, I expect we would do something very similar, to be honest, I’ve become more of a creature of habit now that I’m older.

Nothing beats the idea of discovering more sandbars and tropical islands with my favorite people in the deep blue

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Aside from my birthdays, we’ve also spent a great deal of time on the boats–monthly excursions to discovering new islands and sandbars until the monsoon season hit!

The fleet of yachts and boats are for rent to cater to luxury travelers to discover Cebu as it should be — out in the open sea, exploring sandbars, armed with great company and alcohol, looking onto the deep blue.

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Cebu Luxury Yacht Fleet

For travelers to Cebu who want to get the luxury experience, one can rent the following boats and yachts.

Inclusions are fuel, crew, lifeboat and dinghy boat, life jackets and swim gear.

There are additional options to hire jet skis, photographer / videographer, food catering, personal chef, bartender and alcohol, massage therapist, and island tent / umbrella setup.

M/V Amphitrite

P85 ft. Luxury Yacht M/V Amphitrite |
  • 85 ft. Luxury Yacht
  • 25-26 Knots
  • 25 pax
  • VIP Statesroom, Queen Staterooms, 2 Twin Staterooms, 4 Bathrooms
  • Capable of 2 jet skis and dingy boat
M/V Amphitrite |
VIP Statesroom in M/V Amphitrite |

M/V Salicia

M/V Salicia 67 ft. Luxury Yacht |
  • 67 ft. Luxury Yacht
  • 24-25 Knots
  • 25 pax
  • 1 Suite Staterooms, 1 VIP Staterooms, 1 Twin Statesroom, 3 Bathrooms
  • Capable of 1 jet ski
Inside M/V Amphitrite |
VIP Statesroom at M/V Amphitrite |

M/V Gloria Maris

  • 58 ft. Luxury Yacht
  • 20-22 Knots
  • 20 pax
  • 1 Suite Staterooms, 2 Twin Statesroom, 2 Bathrooms
  • Capable of 1 jet ski

Chaparral Cabin Cruiser

Chaparral Cabin Cruiser |
  • 25 – 30 knots
  • 1 Room 1 Bathroom
  • up to 8 pax

Trevally Speedboat

Trevally Speedboat |
  • up to 12 pax
  • for fishing, snorkeling and water sports

For inquiries on the yacht fleet and more details, you can drop a message or email me at

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