What to Expect: Macau

Macau (or sometimes Macao) is a city and special administrative region of China and a former colony of the Portuguese Empire. It is best known, however, for its glitz and glamour: known as the Las Vegas of Asia, in fact bigger and with more money.

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Here are some of the things interesting things to expect about Macau. Enjoy.

Macau is tiny.

It is a tiny region–to give you an idea, it is only about the size of Mactan Island, Cebu with a land area of 32.9 square kilometers!

Macau was originally only 10 sq. km., much of the expansion is due to land reclamation. They are currently doing more reclamation projects to triple or quadruple the land area to further support urban growth.

With a population of almost 667,500 and an area of 30 sq. m. (with reclaimed land), Macau is the most densely populated region in the world.

Macau is a Melting Pot of East and West cultures.

You will see the unique blend of east and west in around Macau.

Their street signs are quirkily translated in three different languages: Chinese, English and Portuguese.

As you walk around town, you will find buildings influenced by Portuguese colonial architecture, churches, fortresses and forts.

And their food is heavenly. Where else can you get this unique blend of Southeast Asian, Chinese and Portuguese influences than in Macanese Cuisine?

Macau is a great travel destination for FOODIES!

Portuguese Egg Tart | Photo by A Taste of Koko

Macau is known for amazing food, and because of its unique fusion east and west, so you get a taste of Cantonese, Macanese, Portuguese and Chinese cuisine.

Macanese have something of a sweet tooth, and their most iconic food is the Portuguese egg tart, the most famous brand being Lord Stow’s.

Other must-try food items are almond cookies, meat jerky, peanut candy and pork floss.

Macau is the Vegas of Asia

Everyone who’s heard of Macau knows it as the famous gambling hub of the region. In Macau gambling is legal, unlike its neighbor HK and the rest of China. Macau has become the assigned as the “Vegas of the East”–but bigger and with more money!

…but there are still day activities and child-friendly destinations!

Sure, Macau is one of the best party destinations in Asia–with multiple casinos, bars, clubs and shows. The best thing is, there are also several activities you can do during the day.

Walk around the picturesque streets in the historic old Portuguese district Senado Square. It is filled with several sites, restaurants, food stalls and souvenir shops in its maze-like passageways. Immerse yourself in the unique sights and sounds, and try to sample the biscuits and dried meats. One of the most remarkable sites is the Ruins of St. Paul’s, the wall facade of the once grand cathedral posed atop the hill.

Coloane and Taipa offer a quiet idyllic site that is quiet space for you to walk around by yourself or with your family. Go to the beaches, walk around the urban parks, visit their art and heritage museums. There are tons of activities for you to do in Macau. The Curious Case of Walls

It has two currencies: HKD and MOP.

Macau accepts two different currencies: the Macau Pataca (MOP) and the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), you can use both currencies in exchange one for one, although in the Forex the HKD is usually slightly more valuable than the MOP.

It can get quite humid!

Just like its American contempirary, Macau can also get quite humid especially during the summer. unless you decide to just stay indoors the hotel casinos, be sure to dress appropriately.

The months October to December are a good to go, and can be very hot during the summer months of April to July. Expect rains to come anytime–it’s really hard these days to predict whether with climate change and all. Temperatures can go as low as 18 degrees C in the cold months and as high as 35 degrees C in the hot months.

It’s very hard to get a taxi here!

OnOne tricky thing about Macau is their taxis. Taxi drivers are rude, choosy, and will try to take more money from you. It’s absolute hell to get a taxi Macau. It’s a lot more reliable to get a bus. There are no busses late in the night though, so that’s one consideration to think about if you decide to go out and party at night.

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