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About Rachel Arandilla

Hey! I’m Rachel Arandilla, the travel writer behind Postcard Pretty. I’ve lived in 5 different cities around the world and traveled to 40 countries. I travel at least once a month and my current home base is in Cebu City, Philippines.

I’m an entrepreneur, writer and host–but to define myself in one word, I’m a storyteller.


Just another girl made of fairy lights, rainbow sprinkles, and diabolical plans to take over the world.

Eternally Curious

I am the first to admit that I am a Jill-of-all-trades, master of none. I like to dabble myself with too many things! I have so many interests, hobbies and ideas!

I have a fine arts undergrad and an MBA, I did my studies at the Asian Institute of Management and did my last term exchange at The Wharton School in the University of Pensylvannia.

I always enjoy a good conversation. I like to talk about travel, history, philosophy, economics and business.

 I wish I was more introverted, then maybe I could’ve been more intellectual. Friends are such distractions. I wish I had the urge to stay indoors more often, so I can read more often, study more often… 

But then again, aren’t friends like borrowed books we take out from the library? Ones that get us like, “I wanna take you out on a drink? So I can get in your beautiful mind… 


Engage with me in discourse of philosophy and history. I like figuring out how humans and systems work. Let’s talk about ideas. Recommend me your reading lists and podcasts.

Island girl, concrete jungles

I’m an island girl at heart. I currently live in Cebu, just one of the 7,300+ islands in the Philippines (but who’s keeping count?). Cebu is a beautiful resort island with white sand beaches, colorful underwater life, beautiful sunsets, warm people, and amazing food! 

Yup, I’m not always in some beach sipping a piña colada. I’m an ordinary mortal who needs to work too. I’m a creative entrepreneur and business owner. Check out the creative space Grafik 9 & Tribes.PH to see more of what I do.

Something you should know: I’m slightly obsessed with stories.

Most of what I do are dedicated towards creating, telling, and listening to stories.

I founded Story Nights: Cebu, the local chapter of a live storytelling club dedicated to inspiring and empowering people with true stories. 

I am a writer and contribute weekly for Sunstar under the ‘Postcard Travels’ column on Sunstar Weekend. Some of the published essays you can see under
Published Stories.

I have a book coming out end of this year, which is an anthology of travel essays I’ve written throughout the years (2012-present), published by D&Co. Publishing. Read more about the book on 
The Book.

How I write

Sometimes I write like a poet, sometimes I write like an economist. I blame my fine arts + MBA for the polarity of my alter-egos. I see-saw between my left- and right-brain; most of the time, they don’t get along. e.g., I hate Heidegger because Nazi, but can’t help but appreciate his writings and his intricate mind.

I write fluidly and type words as my stream of thoughts flow, and hence tells a lot about my psyche: cynical and curious. Please don’t take me too seriously. Life’s too short to be easily offended. 🙂 

Follow me on IG @postcardpretty or my daily RL @racheltagaisla. I am also at Quora at /Rachel-Arandilla! Ask me anything!