How to apply for UK Visa in Cebu, Philippines

Last December, I traded lechon, fruit salad and queso de bola for turkey, pudding and scones. I had a white Christmas in the UK with my one-year-old son.

Applying for a UK visa doesn’t need to be stressful, this guide will teach you how to apply for UK Visa in Cebu, Philippines in very easy steps!

My boy had been on a few domestic and Asian flights before, but it was his first long haul flight. If you want to know more about it you can read on my blog post on practical tips on How to Fly and Travel with Baby! (spoiler: we survived!)

You can also read my helpful travel itinerary to London UK and Stonehenge Visit article for more information.

How to apply for UK Visa in Cebu, Philippines

I love DIY travel arrangements: I plan flights and apply for visas sans travel agencies. Travel agencies’ processing fees range from PHP 9,000 to PHP 15,000 (screw that). It saves me money and I find joy in being my own travel planner! It can be time-consuming, but entirely doable (and pleasurable, at least in my case). Many friends and colleagues have asked me how I applied for my UK, US, and Schengen visa, so to make it easier for everyone, I’ll be writing a series of Visa Applications 101.

All Filipino passport holders require a UK Visa if you plan to visit the following territories: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If you plan to visit other parts of Europe, you will need to apply for another type of visa. In my case, we made a short side trip to Paris so I needed to get a Schengen visa as well.

Applying for a UK visa doesn’t need to be stressful. You just need to be prepared and do ample research far ahead. If you’re reading my blog right now–good job! You just aced the research part. I have divided the UK tourist visa application process in four steps:

  • 1. Preparation
  • 2. Online Application
  • 3. Appointment
  • 4. Waiting Period

By the way, if you’re planning to make a side trip to other European countries, you will need another visa, a Schengen visa. Click on this link to read on How to Apply for a Schengen Visa.

I. Preparation

1. Type of Visa 

Firstly, know the type of visa you need. What is your purpose for visiting United Kingdom? Are you there to see family or friends, to get married, to study or to relocate?There are different types of visas for different purposes, and you can check UK website’s Visa and Immigration page to know what type of visa you need. For marriage, study or other types of visas, they require different requirements and information; but this blog can only provide information on how to get UK tourist and short stay visas only.

It is important to always be truthful regarding your purpose to visit UK. Any inconsistencies stated in your application or documents will get be refused a visa, or even get blacklisted. For General Visitor short stay visa (as is the focus on this blog), your maximum stay is only six months. You cannot work, study, or get married during your stay as a General Visitor.

Initially, I filled out the online application form for a General Visitor visa, but then after careful reading I realized that we actually needed a Family Visitor visa instead. Our primary purpose was to see my partner and his family to spend Christmas together; sightseeing and leisure being secondary. I canceled my primary applications and made new applications under Family Visitor. Again, be mindful of what type of visa you’ll need! 

2. When to Apply?

Applications are accepted up to three months before your travel date. You should apply for your visa as soon as you’ve finalized your travel schedule and booked that ticket! (you don’t need to buy a ticket just yet, a booked reservation will do). I recommend to apply 6-8 weeks before your travel date.

3. How to Apply?

Once you have all your travel information, passport and contact details on hand, you can start your visa application process. The only way to do it here is online. You can start your online application here and read through the second phase to guide you on how to fill up the online form. There’s no need to panic if you don’t have all the information on hand–you can always log in and out of your account any day and fill up the details when you have them ready.

4. Other Important Information

UK visa applications are done on a third party application center (currently VFS Global Services) and not submitted directly to the British Embassy. VFS does not have any control towards your visa application decision.

Manila Address:

VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc.,
Mezzanine Floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building, 
2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension Makati City, Metro Manila 1231

Cebu Address:

VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc., 
9th Floor, Keppel Center, Unit 905, Samar Loop
cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue, 
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000

Opening Hours:

Application submission – with a prior appointment:
Monday to Friday
07:00 – 13:00

Application submission –prime time appointment (presently in Manila only)
Monday to Thursday
16:00 – 19:00

Pick up Time –
Monday to Friday
14:00 – 15:00

II. Online Application

In the Online Application process, you need to register for an account. Afterwards, you’ll need to fill in details of the following:

  • Applicant Basic Details and Contact Information
  • Your Visa Type
  • Passport details and Travel History
  • Family Details
  • Employment and Income
  • Family and Friends in the UK

Read through your applications twice before you click send. Once you submitted the application and paid the fee you cannot change any details anymore. Confirm that everything is correct, Book an Appointment, Pay the Visa fee and Print your Application.

UK Visa Fee

The UK visa fee is steep- on 2014 the short stay visa fee in the Philippines was USD 120-150, but since we lodged our applications in Cebu we had to pay an additional service fee of USD 101. Total cost per application was USD 143 or around PHP 11,000+. I paid the same amount for my son’s application and mine.

III. Appointment

Next step is the physical appearance: appointment time. In the online application, you are given the option to choose the date and time of your appointment. If I recall right, appointment times can be done on weekdays and from 8:00-12:00 only. I chose my appointment date on November 11, 2014 at 11am (not a morning person here). This gave me approximately two weeks to collect all the necessary documents I need.

For UK visa appointments in Cebu, you need to go to VFS Global Services which is at the 9th floor of Keppel Building, in Ayala Cebu Business Park. It’s not hard to find.

Keppel Building, image from Skyscrapercity

On the day of your Appointment, come early and be prepared. They are strict with their rule and will not let anyone in until 15 minutes before your appointment to avoid crowding in the center. If you came 16 minutes or earlier, you will have to wait outside.

You need to bring all necessary documents and need to take your biometrics (photo and fingerprints taken). The documents should be properly organized and arranged so you wouldn’t be fumbling around your papers on your appointment. Basically these documents support your purpose of UK visit, and show your ties in the Philippines (job, family, children, school, properties, business, etc.) and establish proof that you are coming back.

Checklist of supporting documents to bring:

  • Confirmation of Booking Appointment – this is sent to you via email which indicates the time and date of your appointment. I was not able to print this because I thought VFS already has a schedule of confirmed names and appointments. Since I came early, I had enough time to go down, look for an internet cafe and print the booking confirmation and return just in time.
  • Printed Application Form with Photo – print out your complete and signed application form and affix a photo (glue it in!).
    • Photograph Requirements – Most photo shops would already know the specifications needed for visa requirements-just tell them it’s for a UK visa. I had ours taken in Ayala Center Cebu.recent photo taken within six months
      • 45mm x 35mm
      • White or cream background
      • Taken with nothing covering the face, without sunglasses or tinted spectacles, or a head covering unless for religious or medical reasons. The subject should have their mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eye brows). Applicant should be facing forwarding, looking straight ahead.
  • Personal Supporting Documents – proof of your identification details & personal circumstances
    • NSO Birth Certificate
    • Marriage Certificate, if married
    • Current Passport and Previous Passport, to see travel history
  • Financial Supporting Documents – documents that prove you don’t need to work while you’re in the UK. This can include bank statements, pay slips, credit card statements, property titles; within the last six months or so.
  • School & Employment Supporting Documents – provides proof of coming back to the Philippines.
    • Student – a letter from your school or education provider confirming your enrollment and leave of absence
    • Employee – tax returns, pay slips, letter from your employer confirming employment, and confirming leave of absence.
    • Business Owner – tax returns, business registration documents (stating your name as business owner)
  • Travel Plans – this includes your flight ticket details, hotel/accommodation bookings and your itinerary. (Need help in your UK itinerary? Refer to my blog post, Suggested Itinerary: 5 Days in London!)
  • Supporting Documents from friends and family in the UK – If you’re planning to visit friends or family, include a letter of invitation from them, their financial documents and bio data of their passports attached as well.

Complete submission of these documents will be helpful in obtaining that visa, but does not guarantee a visa issuance. Missing or incomplete supporting documents may also result in a UK visa refusal.

Other Important Information:

  • No need to dress to kill–just look presentable. Wear comfortable, smart casual clothes that cover all the right areas. The application center’s task is to receive your application and documents only–a personal appearance is required but no interviews will be conducted for tourist visas,unless deemed necessary.
  • For the biometrics, you will need your photo and fingerprints taken, hence the need for a personal appearance. My baby boy needed to be there for his biometrics. Even newborn babies are now required to show up in the visa center.
  • You can not to bring your bags, mobile phone and other personal belongings inside, and you’ll be asked to leave them in the reception’s storage counter.
  • Store your documents in a transparent envelope. An enclosed folder or even a brown envelope is not allowed.
  • All transactions will be paid online.

It only took me an hour and a half to go through the process, although I heard the female guard comment that it was unusually not busy that day.

IV. Waiting Period

The most tedious part for me was the waiting game. Once you’ve done with the appointment phase and submitted all documents, I was told by VFS Cebu to wait 14 working days to get my results. This works for Cebu area, but Manila is said to take 7 working days only.

You can sign up for an SMS service to update you throughout your visa’s processing, but I haven’t tried it. Also, they will request for your email address and will email you if your documents and visa is ready for pickup.

I received two emails from them, and you will probably expect the same. I received the first email on November 14 and it looked something like this:

Your decision will be despatched shortly.  Passports can normally be collected from the Visa Application Centre after 3 working days unless you have been advised it will be returned by courier or have paid an additional courier fee.

This email means that the UK Embassy in Manila has already made a decision towards your application. This may mean either way that you’ve been approved a visa or not. I received this email on Friday, probably sent deliberately to give me an awfully nerve-wrecking weekend.

On November 17, I received another email from VFS, which looked like this:

The processed visa application for GWF reference number –  GWF___________ was received at the UK Visa Application Centre on date time.

If a courier service was purchased from VFS Global, your processed application will be delivered to the chosen address.

If not, your documents can be collected during the designated passport collection times.

This email means that your visa has landed in Cebu and is now ready for pickup. I got mine the day after on November 18.

V. Results!

Last part is the waiting time. You can choose to have your documents returned to you via courier or pick-up at the center. I chose the latter as I only lived nearby anyway.

As soon as I got my email, I went to the visa center the next day. I had my appointment on November 11, and on November 18, we received our UK visas! That’s exactly 8 days, or 6 working days.

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  1. i was so happy in reading your blog..its a great help for me on how to apply uk visa..thank you so much.godbless

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        Hi good day!
        Can I inquire for visas pls do contact me more easy messenger cherry Marie Ilagan. Thanks.. ASAP pls

  2. Hello! Your blog is awesome and more specific. Its not my first time btw. I was granted a UK visa last Feb. and visited my boyfried in London. And now, I am pregnant at the moment. My bf and I were planning about getting our baby *soon* a visa and thats the reason why I came across on your blog in the hope that you can help me.

    Honestly, we are not married yet. Would it be a problem? My boyfriend will sponsor everything though.

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Maybe you can apply for a fiancée visa, stating your intentions to get married in the UK and show proof of your relationship. That is more appropriate than a tourist visa or a family visitor visa in your case.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, Oliva.

      You can reapply immediately.

      Keep in mind that the UK embassy has records of your previous applications. Don’t deviate too much from your previous applications. Radical changes or lies can easily be detected by them as they look at your previous application history.

  3. im married last year october 18,2014 to my long partner and im planning to apply spouse visa., how long it will take and how much it will be cost…,we live in philippines right now…,and what is all my requirement

  4. Jennifer pabracuer

    Hello, I’m Jen from Philippines. I just wanted to ask regarding in applying a visitors visa for UK. I already had a British fiancée. We already met here last December 2014 and got engaged. And then he flew back to UK. Then he visited me here last March. And he flewback to UK again.We’re planning to get married here this November 2015, and were decided to get a tourist visa in order for me to be with him in coming back to UK. My problem is I don’t have any supporting docs likes statement or bank account or any proof. I only had my passport and NSO at the moment. But he told me that he will going to shoulder all my expenses. I have to ask what else I can show to the consulate aside those supporting docs mentioned. I really wanted to be with him. Hope you’ll have time to reply for this. As I need to process it as soon as possible. Thanks and God Bless

    1. Hi Jen, In order to be approved of a tourist visa you need to have proof of strong ties to the Philippines. Thus they required documents like employment details, bank statements, or titles of cars, land or homes you own. If you don’t have proof there is a high chance you will get denied, despite the fact that your fiancee will be paying for the trip.

      As you mentioned that you are getting married, maybe you are more fit to apply for a fiance visa instead of a tourist visa? 🙂

      1. Jennifer pabracuer

        Thanks for the response. If my fiancé want me to open an account in the bank. How much did the embassy required for my savings? Thanks

  5. hello Im Dhaiyn,I am going to apply for UK visit visa this December Im just cofused, How can I get flight details without booking the flight yet?I dont want to book unless I have my visa approved.

      1. Hello thanks for the idea..I’m now in the process of gathering all the needed documents…your blog is very helpful. :-)Praying and hoping i will get the visa…hehehe…this is my first travel outside Asia…will be travelling with my hubby, he’s British but we live in Phil…I’m really excited to meet my in-laws for the first time soon..( hopefully…if I get the Visa)….thanks a lot 🙂

  6. Hi Pretty Good day to you! I would like to ask about one of the sponsor’s documents. The sponsor forwarded me his mortgage summary I would like to know if this is enough proof of accommodation. Thank you for your time reading this. Godbless!

  7. Thanks so much this is very helpful. My sister and I are planning to get family visitor visa to see our family there next year. Your post is a big help on our preparation for our application.

  8. ei pretty,samantha here ,im from cebu as well.first off,ur post was definitely a big help,thank collecting document neccesary for me and my 4 month old baby to get a uk a few querries though,planned to go uk for christmas holiday with my long term british partner to visit his parents(my daughter’s grandparents), followed the steps ,registered online and it gets confusing on what visa to take for our daughter and myself.shall i go for general visa for me? and child visitor visa for my baby? or family visitor visa for her?and another type of visa for me ?my partner and i arent married,we lived togetherr for years,he also have a decent job here,our daughter have filipino passport but we will be workin on her u.k.passport soon,its a tedious and long process to get british passports for baby with british dads these days so we opt for visa instead..
    will gladly appreciate a response..big thanks!!

  9. Hello Ms Pretty, I will be travelling with my husband, he’s British and living here with me in Philippines. We will visit his family in the uk since I havent met any of them yet. Now he’s going to pay for my Transportation and accommodation expenses. Do i still have to submit a letter saying that he’s going to pay for the part of my trip? or his bank details, income details, tax returns and passport will do?Thank you po.

  10. Hi, may I kindly ask how fast is it to book an appointment? I mean if I book for tomorrow, will it be available or is it normally weeks from the date of booking?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi ! just a scenario here, given that i have an approved Schengen visa and want to do side trips in the UK. Initially upon applying for schengen visa, the person who will pay for this trip is my parents and as well as UK. Is it possible that i can provide the requirements(formal obligation from EU(non UK) parents) from the schengen visa to the UK visa.

    Basically i want to have both schengen and UK visa and both trip will be sponsored by my parents.

    1. That’s what I did before, but reverse: I applied for UK visa first and then my schengen visa. Having an approved visa increases your chances for an approval of over subsequent visas.

      The problem is, embassies do not normally return your submitted documents. Maybe you can think ahead and ask for two copies or photocopy your documents before submitting them.

  12. Hi good day.

    I am planning to go to the UK this coming April. I’ve been inquiring about how to get a tourist visa. I am planning to stay there for 3 months only. My problem is I don’t have employment details bank statements and land titles to bring with me as supporting document. I am still a student but will graduate in March 2016. Although the person I will be visiting in the UK is going to pay everything for me. What do you think should I present as supporting document? I’ll be glad to hear back from you.

  13. Hi pretty, I’m going to visit my sister in London on December, she’s a staff nurse in a govt. hospital in Crawley. I was worried that they might denied my application. I’m currently a student but my father provided me money every month since he’s a seafarer so financially i am stable even without the help of my sister. Do i have a better chances if I apply without my sister support? It will be just a short visit, should I get the family visit or tourist visa? Thank you!

    1. it depends. if you think your financial statements are enough for you to be awarded a standard visitor visa, you can do so. But remember finances aren’t enough–you need enough proof that you are coming back to the Philippines as well. if you have a certificate of employment (employed) or cert of enrollment (student), present that. if you have properties under your name, you can present that as well.

      if you think you will have problems in that area, better apply for a family visitor visa instead and present your sister’s documents (residency, finances, employment, etc.)

  14. Hi pretty What questions would the London airport immigration normally ask for a non EU who’s travelling there for the first time?

  15. Hi Miss Pretty
    I just want to ask if its ok to pick up the docs in the VAC even if i chose to have it couriered because i received their email last thursday march 10 but until now i did not receive it. Can i go directly to the VAC to claim my docs?

    Hope u can answer my query. Thank you in advance.

    God speed

  16. Hi Postcardpretty!

    Im a bit confused on what type of visa are we going to apply. We are not yet married and my partner wants me and our son to visit there to see his family and sight seeing as well. Should we apply General Visitor Visa or Family Visitor Visa?
    Need your help badly. Thanks


      1. Gotcha! Thank you so much!!!! Muaaah!!!

        More question, I was approved last year so basically this is my 2nd time do you think it will be smoother this time with my son?

  17. Noted! Thank you so much!!!! ^_^

    Another question I was approved last year, Do you think it will be easier and smoother this time and with my son?

      1. Hi just want to ask about baby’s visa..
        What documents i should put for her application..
        Do I need to put my husband’s payslip or bank statement..

        1. Rachel Arandilla

          Yes, provide financial documents you have to support your baby’s application. Most of the documents I submitted for my baby’s visa is the same as mine. Good luck!

  18. So happy to hear this!!!! Thank you so much ! I am so excited for our little man to meet his Daddys family side (sana ma approve kami!!)

  19. Hello Ms. Pretty! My parents, grandmother and I would like to apply for a UK and Schengen visa. Can we apply for those visas at the same time or we need to apply a visa after the other? Thaanks!

  20. hi prettty. i have an on going visa application to Ireland and decision will be out in 2 weeks. But we are also planning to get a uk visa. i already have all the documents except for hotel booking. i dont know how/where to get it. Our trip is a treat from my mom in law from ireland. He cant get a hotel booking without paying the a reservation fee. She doesnt want want to pay anything until we get our UK visa. By the way, our target date to leave for Ireland is on May 1. Do you have any suggestions?

  21. Hi Ms. Pretty, I’m planning to apply for a tourist visa in London. I’m a Filipino but working in Bangkok. I will travel to UK and Schengen Visa this July. I have my own savings account but my parents would lend me money and deposit it in my account just in case my money wouldn’t be enough during travelling. Do I still need to declare them as my sponsor since they will deposit the money in my Bangkok bank account? If I need to declare and need to show their financial statement, it’s in Philippines account anyway.

  22. Hi Pretty, I’ve lodged my application online and completed the payment already but there’s a next step labelled as “Register at Commercial Partner”, however when I click on it it just sends me to and there isn’t really a link/option for me to register anywhere? I’m not sure if you’ve encountered this before? I’ve already received emails from them confirming my appointment schedule but I’m just worried because even though I have clicked that step a couple of times, it still hasn’t turned green in color (which is an indication that the step has been completed already). Any advice?

      1. After two emails, I got a response simply saying “it’s not mandatory to register at commercial partner website”. So I guess this means it’s okay for me to proceed with my application without it…

  23. Hi pretty im really worried. I applied uk visa last 25th i availed for sms as well but until now i havent heard anything from them regarding my application. But as far as i remember they just send me sms the first day of my appointment saying that my docs has been forwarded to ukvi.

  24. Hi, you might want to update your blog. The list of UK Visa requirements have changed, example, hotel and flight booking aren’t required to be submitted, plus more.

  25. For reference:

    Section 4: documents you should not send unless
    specifically requested
    This page provides guidance on the types of documents that are not required to consider your application.
     if you are applying as a family/group you do not need to provide multiple copies of the same documents
     bank statements or letters issued more than 1 year before the date of application
     driving licence
     photographs (other than passport photographs required in section 1)
     notarial certificates
     business cards
     hotel bookings
     flight bookings
     photocopies of bank cards
     credit card statements
     certificates relating to leisure activities

    1. The hotel and flight bookings are helpful in strengthening your applications as they may be requested by VFS (in my case last March, they asked for it), but if you see it fit not to have them, you can do so too

  26. Hi 🙂 just wanna ask… in your transparent envelope.. how did you arrange the documents? with paperclips…staplers or with folders? or just plain papers in order according to the list

  27. Hello, may i ask what’s the length of stay approved on your visa? And when you applied how many days/weeks did you placed on your itinerary?

  28. hello thanks for your blog
    i hope you can give me some idea i know my situation is deferent..anyways ..:)i hope someone could give me an it necesary to reach 18600 pounds a year?it is one of the requirement to come to uk…but what if couldnt reach that amount?what would be the other options to meet the finacial requirement?what if we are already maried here in philipines ist it necesary that finacial that am already his wife?hope you could help me..nothing is imposible and to be patient:) thanks

    1. I apologize, as I’ve only got experience on how to apply for a tourist visa, and not a fiancee visa. Hence I think I can’t give you proper advice or recommendation on that 🙂 thanks!

  29. Hi good day, your blog is really helpful and clear. I would like to ask how much i need (money) in my bank account if I’ll apply for a Standard Visa (tourist/visit a friend/family)? And wouldn’t be a problem of having my bank account open (like a week ago) and not having a record for 6 months? How much i need to support myself for a Standard Visa (tourist/visit family/friend)? And what if i only have a bank account as a proof of going back to Philippines? As I’m no longer student (graduate) , no longer working (have a bf who supports me) no kids, i don’t own house and etc. I would very much appreciate if you will have time to read and reply my comment. As I’m planning to apply visa ASAP. Having your opinion will be a big help for me. Thank you xx

    1. It will be a little difficult with your circumstances, in my opinion. However, if you have a family member who is willing to be your ‘backer’ such as your mom, you can submit a letter to the embassy stating that your parents will financially support you for your trip (affix their signatures as well). you can submit their financial documents, bank statements and employment certificate.

      1. How about a return ticket of going back to Philippines after six months of visit in UK? Or? What else can i do/have as a proof?

        1. a return ticket would not be enoough though.. you will need strong proof that you are returning to the Philippines and that includes employment, financial statements, land titles, car/house ownership.. anything that will strengthen your ties to the Philippines.

  30. Thanks for that Madam. Another question, what is the difference of having a sponsor from UK? Like for example the sponsor will shoulder all the expenses including accommodation? What docs will be needing from them? And from me (for example) would it be maybe easier? Thank you xx

    1. Hi mitch. I noticed we’re in the same situation. Did you find solutions with yours already? I hope youre already in UK at this moment so that you can answer me. 🙂 thank u in advance.

      1. Same here po..i have a friend who shoulder all expenses..what documents should i bring since i dont have work and im no longer a student (graduated already)..have kids but not married with their father..he already sent me email about coming to the uk and he stated that i will be coming back to the philippines because i have kids.

  31. Hi miss Pretty,
    My fiance from uk wanted me to get visit him as soon as possible and he advise me to get tourist visa .but i dont have anything to proof that i have to be back here in philippines but he wants me to open a bank account with his money thats all i have .is it possible i get a tourist visa?

  32. Hi miss Pretty,
    I have something to ask to you since i noticed here in your blog that you are willing to help others confussions .i would really appreciate your anwers to me though im not good in english.hope you understand me.anyways i have read some comments here just like what my intention i have fiance there in uk and he wants me to get there as soon as possible and he suggest me to get a tourist visa because he thought that is easy and quicky way than other visa.but i dont have anything to proof that i would be coming back here .i dont have work im not studying and no cars.but he is willing to open a bank account for me with his you have an idea how much is that the amount of bank and is it needed to have another proof even i have an account on the bank?

    1. Ma. Jonamel Jones

      HI, Iwant to help you since i am on research to reunite with my husband, If you are not married to him you are in Tourism category and yes you need a proof that you are coming back in your country once your tourist visa is expired.Check this link please,hope it will help you.

  33. Hi Ms Pretty,

    We’re (my family and parents) planning to apply a uk standard visit visa to attend my sis civil union with his british partner this jan 2017. My query is, I already started with my visa application through uk’s website, are my hubby, son and parents will be included in my application or shall I make an individual account for each of us?

  34. Hello..i have a british friend and he wants me to come to uk when he flies back home this coming june..he already bought me ticket going to uk..what specific date of month if we are leaving by june 2017?and he will be the one who will shoulder everything from accommodation,transportation..can i be granted visa if i dont have work?please tell me if you have an idea since its my first time and what documents should i planning to apply in cebu and how much it will cost plus the courier po..thanks

  35. Hello..i have a british friend and he wants me to come to uk when he flies back home this coming june..he already bought me ticket going to uk..what specific date of month if we are leaving by june 2017?and he will be the one who will shoulder everything from accommodation,transportation..can i be granted visa if i dont have work?please tell me if you have an idea since its my first time and what documents should i planning to apply in cebu and how much it will cost plus the courier po..thanks

  36. Hi just wanna ask how to make an appointment for cebu vfs uk..i will be applying for a general visitors visa..i started filling out online application already but its only giving me Manila option for the appointment I couldnt find Cebu. Would you be kind to direct me how to do it. Looking forward to your reply. Sol

    1. hi Sol, i got the same problem. Online shows Manila option only.
      Hi Pretty, did you get the same option too? And just head to VFS Cebu to pay for the Cebu assistance?
      Looking forward to your reply. 🙂

  37. There’s a question in the application form, “Do you have savings, properties or other income, for example from stocks and shares?” If you answer yes, there’s a box below where you can add details like “Please Enter Details Total Monthly Income From Amount in GBP(£)”

    So if for example I have a savings from my payroll account from work, is that consider as savings? Im confused if Im going to answer YES to this, then if i say yes there is a box to put the monthly income, so I’m gonna going to put my taxable monthly income there? THANK YOU.


      1. Hi rachel, kapag ba nag pa appointment ka thru online on vfs uk pwedeng mahuli na yung online payment? or kailangan muna mag pay bago magpa appointment? thank you hope to hear from you.

  38. Hi Rachel!
    Thanks for your informative blog, really a bih help for us seeking answers on how to apply UK Visitor Visa. I just had a question, I will be traveling with my daughter in the UK, do I need to send the same requirements I have like COE, bank statements etc. On her application? Thanks.

  39. Hi again, for the question in UK Visa form online: Do you have savings, properties or other income, for example from stocks and shares? If I tick yes kasi may lumalabas na option: “Put total monthly income from savings and Investments”

    I should tick NO here kasi let me i only have savings from my work which is in payroll account But I “dont” get monthly income/interest from that salary/savings. Also, I dont have separate savings account. Meaning isa lang account ko. I only have payroll account. Am i right?

    Thank you again. Hope to hear from you.

  40. hi po.. I am curious about how you arrange the documents inside the plastic envelope.. Did you make a cover letter for yourself and for your baby aswell?
    And should I put my child’s application in different envelope?

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