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Macau (or sometimes Macao) is a city and special administrative region of China and a former colony of the Portuguese Empire. It is best known, however, for its glitz and glamour: known as the Las Vegas of Asia, in fact bigger and with more money. Do you know that there is a direct Cebu to… Continue reading WHAT TO EXPECT: MACAU

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5 Things that Surprised Me About Living in the USA

Many, many things surprised me about USA when I lived there for a few months on exchange. I could start with guns and politics but let's deviate to more politically correct things, so here are some of the five: Doing chores is super easy! Doing chores is a lot easier in a developed country where… Continue reading 5 Things that Surprised Me About Living in the USA

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What to Expect in Bangkok, Thailand

A few years back, I wrote a What to Expect: Taipei, Taiwan article that received a lot of positive feedback, and thought I would do it again: this time what to expect in Bangkok Thailand. Because of Hollywood (most notably, Hangover 2), Bangkok has been put on the world map. It has been known as… Continue reading What to Expect in Bangkok, Thailand