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Hong Kong Disneyland for Babies

Caleb had his first Disneyland experience as a baby, at 18 months old. Many would argue he was too young for Disneyland. Sure--he'll probably never remember most of it. Yes--maybe I could have waited when he was a little older. But if you have the opportunity, I'd still recommend parents to take their babies to Disneyland. I didn't care; Caleb… Continue reading Hong Kong Disneyland for Babies

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How to fly with baby in tow

Having your baby travel can touch a nerve to some. ‘He’ll hate travel when he grows up with all those tiring trips’, ‘he’ll get sick and you’ll regret it’, 'he won't remember much of it', etc. These sentiments do come from others who really care. In retrospect, I am not trying to raise a global nomad of sorts; I just want him to spend as much time with me as possible, to nurture the same passions—in travel, art, history, cultures, languages, the world.