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"Postcards from Elsewhere" Book Talk

A sit-down interview and an open forum with the author and illustrator of the "Postcards from Elsewhere" book. I

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Book Production Process in Cebu, Philippines

Let's talk about the book production process, and how we are proud to say that Postcards from Elsewhere by Rachel Arandilla is 100% Cebuano made, and the people and businesses behind it that made the book happen!


Book Launch: Postcards from Elsewhere by Rachel Arandilla

Last Saturday was definitely one for the books! On October 5, 2019, DCO Publishing had a momentous event, a book launching for their second title 'Postcards from Elsewhere' by Rachel Arandilla. “Postcards from Elsewhere” by Philippine author and Sunstar travel columnist Rachel Arandilla and illustrations by Celina Paredes The support that came our way and… Continue reading Book Launch: Postcards from Elsewhere by Rachel Arandilla

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Whenever I’m attending an overseas event where I have to represent the Philippines—whether it’s an international conference, business expo, product launch or even an international latin dance festival, I wear an ANTHILL piece with pride.