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Travel Etiquette Rules to Live By

Golden Rules When Traveling. Customs, norms and traditions may vary from culture to culture, but here are some 10 Travel Etiquette rules to live by for every millennial traveler. Enjoy!

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Whenever I’m attending an overseas event where I have to represent the Philippines—whether it’s an international conference, business expo, product launch or even an international latin dance festival, I wear an ANTHILL piece with pride.

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10 Things That Changed Since I’ve Become a New Mom

Three weeks ago, I received a message from the awesome Fiona of Sunstar Weekend, asking if they could feature me and Caleb for their Mother's Day Issue. It never really dawned on me until that point: Oh right. I am a mom! I can't believe I forgot.

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Cebu Pacific and Budget Airline hacks

If you can't beat Cebu Pacific, what can you do? Do damage control and mitigate (a word I just learned and so badly want to use!). Read through this blog to have future pleasurable flights through some important travel hacks and tips I've learned from my constant flights.