Pole Dancing and all its Unsexiness

I started my affair with pole while I was an exchange student in Philadelphia. It was born out of necessity. Back in the Philippines, I never had any problems meeting and befriending female friends. But in Philly, it was different. Being in business school, the m-to-f ratio was slightly skewed at 1:3, and further, the … Continue reading Pole Dancing and all its Unsexiness


Hate Wait.

“Oh, sorry I’m late.." My friend Pierre said the moment he saw me in the restaurant. “I thought you’d be late,” he added sheepishly. He arrived 15 minutes after our planned lunch at 12 noon. I said it was fine, but he seemed absolutely surprised (and a little disturbed?) by my punctuality. To be fair, … Continue reading Hate Wait.

Yas girl, we’re the same brand of crazy!

It was already 3 in the morning and my friend Apollo and I were already feeling tired after a hazy night out. We decided to recover in a small hole-in-the-wall in Poblacion; with plans of drenching the night’s alcohol consumption with high-cholesterol chicken skin. Upon sitting down, I immediately noticed the man beside our table. […]

27 Club

In my pre-MBA days, I acquainted myself with misfits, bohemians and activists who did not subscribe to the consumer capitalist culture. I was surrounded by an amazing band of weirdos, artists, sculptors, poets and film directors; generally, non-conformists who are always grumbling about the status quo. And then, life happened. I don’t see my old … Continue reading 27 Club