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Travel Itinerary: 4 days in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world: in the year 2016 alone, Thailand saw some 32.6 million visitors visiting their country. The appeal of Thailand has stretched far and wide: the country is most known for its hospitality, hence the moniker 'Land of Smiles'. May it be Thailand's Buddhist culture and temples, colorful nightlife, extensive shopping or amazing beaches, there is always something for you!

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Travel Itinerary: 4 days in Taipei, Taiwan

For Filipinos, Taiwan isn't something we typically think of as a 'tourist destination'. When it comes to traveling abroad, we dream of going to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore or Thailand--we often forget about visiting Taipei, Taiwan, which is only 1,000 km from the Philippines. This is why Taipei is so beautiful in its own way--an… Continue reading Travel Itinerary: 4 days in Taipei, Taiwan

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5 days in Paris France Travel Itinerary

I’ve been to Paris thrice already but it’s always new and magic to me every time I step into the city. If it's your first time in Paris, I've crafted a suggested itinerary for 5 days in the world's most romantic city.

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Sample Travel Documents Templates

To make it easier for my readers, here are sample travel documents that you can craft and revise for your own applications.