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How to Get Flight Reservations for Visa Applications for Filipinos

One challenging part when it comes to applying for visa--whether to Europe, Canada, US or UK--is the requirement of submitting flight bookings / reservations. If you look at my visa application guides, you will see that this is a specific requirement for most countries in EU area: France Schengen Visa Guide, Norway Schengen Visa Guide,… Continue reading How to Get Flight Reservations for Visa Applications for Filipinos

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12 “Only in the Philippines” Moments

12 'Only in the Philippines' moments I have and can remember. Some are endearing, some are shocking, but all of them are definitely 'Only in the Philippines'!

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UPDATED 2019: How to apply for your baby’s Philippine Passport

Summer is around the corner and travel is the best experience you can give to your child. I got my baby's passport when he was barely two months old so that he can visit his dad and paternal grandparents abroad.

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My Toiletry Dilemma

Filipinos are known to love bathing. We do it as frequently as possible, normally twice a day. Some people I know even go as far as bathing thrice daily during the summer! We have more shampoo and soap products and commercials than any other culture (that I know).

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Cebu Pacific and Budget Airline hacks

If you can't beat Cebu Pacific, what can you do? Do damage control and mitigate (a word I just learned and so badly want to use!). Read through this blog to have future pleasurable flights through some important travel hacks and tips I've learned from my constant flights.

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10 Moments of Culture Shock in Europe as a Filipino

Europe has always been a place of wonder and romance for me--a place from dreams of a little child. I thought I've read enough books seen enough Downton Abbey to prepare myself on what Europe is like. But, just like marriage, you can never be fully prepared for what's to come. Here are 10 moments of culture shock you'll likely experience as a Filipino traveler!