Hate Wait.

“Oh, sorry I’m late.." My friend Pierre said the moment he saw me in the restaurant. “I thought you’d be late,” he added sheepishly. He arrived 15 minutes after our planned lunch at 12 noon. I said it was fine, but he seemed absolutely surprised (and a little disturbed?) by my punctuality. To be fair, … Continue reading Hate Wait.


The multilingual Filipino

“Hey, what language was that?” Nico, my German friend, asked the moment I put my phone down. I just finished a conversation was with my girlfriend from back home, while Nico and I were sat outside the benches in the Fisher Fine Art, where him and I normally studied. (Also, I just wanted to write … Continue reading The multilingual Filipino

The Filipino Traveler Identity Crisis

  During my travels, I've been constantly approached and asked where I come from. For fun, I make a game out of it to let them guess. Most commonly, I've been perceived to be Thai. I've also been thought to be: Singaporean, Nepali, Kazakhstani, and on rare occasions, Chinese or Japanese. But never Filipino. When I tell them my real identity … Continue reading The Filipino Traveler Identity Crisis