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“Postcards from Elsewhere” Book Talk

A sit-down interview and an open forum with the author and illustrator of the "Postcards from Elsewhere" book. I

Story Nights Cebu


Like every one of you reading, I have a big dream for myself. My dream is to change the world someday. Ambitious—I know! I have a dream too crazy for my own good probably, but in 2017, I finally had the opportunity to start making that dream a reality. But before all that, I’d like… Continue reading DONALD’S STORY: TO DREAM AGAIN


We’re Sold Out!

We just sold our last copy of the book for the print run, and already have a handful of reservations! My heart is full--as a writer, it has always been a dream of mine to publish my own book. Thanks to my publisher, DCO Publishing, and to friends, family and Filipinos who came from all… Continue reading We’re Sold Out!


Book Launch: Postcards from Elsewhere by Rachel Arandilla

Last Saturday was definitely one for the books! If you missed it, you can buy the book here: On October 5, 2019, DCO Publishing had a momentous event, a book launching for their second title 'Postcards from Elsewhere' by Rachel Arandilla. “Postcards from Elsewhere” by Philippine author and Sunstar travel columnist Rachel Arandilla and… Continue reading Book Launch: Postcards from Elsewhere by Rachel Arandilla