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Why Westerners are more ‘Independent’ than Asians

One night, I found myself in a hostel bar with other backpackers along the Banana Pancake Trail13 in Southeast Asia. I couldn’t remember exactly where, but I did remember drinking a beer alone in a bar called “Happy Monkey” or “Smelly Pig” or some cheesy name with an animal. Backpacker's Haven I was drinking alone,… Continue reading Why Westerners are more ‘Independent’ than Asians

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The multilingual Filipino

Spotify Anchor Support “Hey, what language was that?” Nico, my German friend, asked the moment I put my phone down. I just finished a conversation was with my girlfriend from home, while Nico and I were sat outside the benches while studying in the Fisher Fine Art Library. (Also, I just wanted to write that… Continue reading The multilingual Filipino