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Snow World in Cebu for the Whole Family

WINTER IS COMING: SNOW WORLD CEBU It is currently Yuletide season which means one thing: Winter is coming… … unless you live in a tropical country such as the Philippines. In Cebu, we enjoy sun and rain all year round and never get to experience four seasons; and will never experience a white Christmas. Snow… Continue reading Snow World in Cebu for the Whole Family

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While digging into my bowl of steaming Lechon Arroz Caldo from a local Cebuano restaurant, the thought of Filipinos smelling like pork crept into my mind. For the majority of Pinoys, pork is a consistent table choice.

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Cebu is well-known for its mangoes, lechon and amazing cuisine—but once you venture your culinary experiences from the restaurants to the streets, it gets even more interesting. CEBUANO STREET FOOD, ANYONE?

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One of my heroes, the renowned writer, poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou, had a peculiar writing process: she would wake up early in the morning and chick in a hotel room. She would specifically instruct the staff to remove any artworks from the walls. She would then start writing at 6:30 in the… Continue reading THE MAYA ANGELOU METHOD

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UPDATED 2019: How to apply for your baby’s Philippine Passport

Summer is around the corner and travel is the best experience you can give to your child. I got my baby's passport when he was barely two months old so that he can visit his dad and paternal grandparents abroad.


Postcards from Elsewhere Book 2019 Update

Rachel, as a travel writer, has essentially become a story cartographer—mapping her world not with landmarks and places but with the cast of colorful characters, and life lessons, she encountered during her many travels around Asia, Europe, and the United States.

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The multilingual Filipino

“Hey, what language was that?” Nico, my German friend, asked the moment I put my phone down. I just finished a conversation was with my girlfriend from back home, while Nico and I were sat outside the benches in the Fisher Fine Art, where him and I normally studied. (Also, I just wanted to write… Continue reading The multilingual Filipino

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5 Reasons Why Cebu Salsa Nights Is Always A Good Idea

Cebu salsa nights became affectionately known as a ‘tita thing’, but the crowd they draw in is far from our beloved, high-class titas: seeing an international, hip and young crowd of diverse nationalities.

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Ultimate Cebu Nightlife Guide for Travelers *Updated 2019*

THIS BLOG POST HAS BEEN RECENTLY UPDATED ON SEPTEMBER 2018. For a lot of travelers, nightlife is ineluctably part of their itinerary. Sure, sightseeing and tours are a great way to see the city–but how do you truly know a city unless you’ve seen the night lights… unless you’ve mingled with the locals? To upcoming tourists … Continue reading 2018 Cebu nightlife guide

Visas and Passport Guides for Filipinos

Sample Travel Documents Templates

To make it easier for my readers, here are sample travel documents that you can craft and revise for your own applications.