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While digging into my bowl of steaming Lechon Arroz Caldo from a local Cebuano restaurant, the thought of Filipinos smelling like pork crept into my mind. For the majority of Pinoys, pork is a consistent table choice.

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The opportunity for my own writer's retreat presented itself at the right place and time, when I was invited for a weekend staycation during the launch of Citadines in Cebu City. Citadines is not your 'regular' hotel--the brand is in a different niche category known as Apart'hotel, which essentially combine the best of home and… Continue reading STAYCATION AT THE CITADINES IN BASELINE CENTER IN CEBU

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When Travel Compulsion is Bad For You

Travel is like crack cocaine, you see. The more you do it, the more you yearn for it. The sound of foreign tongues, the alien-like characters on their newspapers, the feeling of getting lost, the sight of unusual food and smells--you get hooked to it.

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10 Things That Changed Since I’ve Become a New Mom

Three weeks ago, I received a message from the awesome Fiona of Sunstar Weekend, asking if they could feature me and Caleb for their Mother's Day Issue. It never really dawned on me until that point: Oh right. I am a mom! I can't believe I forgot.

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10 Moments of Culture Shock in Europe as a Filipino

Europe has always been a place of wonder and romance for me--a place from dreams of a little child. I thought I've read enough books seen enough Downton Abbey to prepare myself on what Europe is like. But, just like marriage, you can never be fully prepared for what's to come. Here are 10 moments of culture shock you'll likely experience as a Filipino traveler!