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Bucketlist Check: Starfield Library in Seoul, South Korea

Around me were 50,000-something books with 13-meter tall bookshelves, lots of open air and natural light. Quite a few people are taking selfies, while some are silently reading or working on their laptops. I was just looking around, unable to hide my excitement.

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Bucketlist Check: Mystical Floating Markets of Thailand

There is something so romantic about river boat rides. Even amidst the sweltering heat of tropical Thailand, we still found ourselves enamored by the river, by the strange blend of familiarity and exoticism of it all. WHAT TO EXPECT: BANGKOK,┬áTHAILAND Maybe it is human nature that subconsciously draws us towards bodies of water. The human… Continue reading Bucketlist Check: Mystical Floating Markets of Thailand