Sample Cover Letter for French Consulate – Schengen Visa

Having a cover letter is one of the requirements for your Schengen visa application. Here’s a sample cover letter for the French consulate.

French – Schengen Visa application, for the French consulate in the Philippines:

September 8, 2019

The Honorable Consul
16F Pacific Star Bldg.
Makati Ave. corner
Sen. Gil Puyat Ext.
Makati City, Philippines 1200

To Madame/Monsieur,

I would like to apply for a Schengen visa for my purpose of visiting France for 5 days from January 6-11, 2020. I am applying through your honorable consulate as France is the only country I will be visiting in the EU. France is a short stopover for me while I visit the UK over Christmas holidays.

The primary purpose of travel is tourism. As an art history enthusiast, I am looking forward to visiting museums; and appreciate art and architecture while in Paris.

Here is my planned itinerary for our 5-day stay in Paris:

Day 1
Arrive to Paris from London via coach, check in hotel
Eiffel Tower
River Cruise
Champ de Mars & Rue Cler, Arc de Triomphe

Day 2
Louvre Museum
Luxembourg Gardens
National Opera
Notre Dame Cathedral

Day 3
Versailles Royal Palace

Day 4
Pere Lachaise Cemetery
Rodin Museum
Hotel de Invalides
Alexander Bridge
Palace de la Concorde

Day 5
Departure to London via coach

I will be travelling with my partner, JUAN DE LA CRUZ. I have attached a copy of his passport as my travel companion.
All expenses incurred in this trip will be of my partner’s and myself. We will be using cash and credit card to cover our own incidental expenses in the trip. We do not intend to visit other EU countries and plan to go back immediately to the UK on January 11th.

Please find attached herewith:
(1) Completed Visa Application Form
(2) Personal documents
(3) Flight Ticket Details
(4) Hotel Reservation with Booking Confirmation Code.
(5) Travel Insurance.
(6) Financial and Employment documents.
(7) Photocopy of travel companion’s UK passport.

I trust that you will find everything in order. Let me know if there are any further information you may need.

We look forward for the trip! If you need anything from me, you can contact me via email or mobile number.

Very truly yours,

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