How to Pronounce UK Places

If you visit to a new country that speaks a different language, you are bound to mispronounce words and places. No biggie, faux pas of travelers from foreign lands.

English seems easy, but it is an interesting and tricky language on its own! UK English, especially, is a whole other level. If you want to go the extra mile though and impress both locals and tourists, it would pay to do a little bit of research on how to properly pronounce places.

By the way, to get to UK, Filipino visitors need a UK visa. Here’s how to get UK Visa and if you know how I spent my few days in UK, read on to my guide 5 days in UK.

Here’s how to properly pronounce places in the United Kingdom:

How to Properly Pronounce Salisbury |
How to Properly Pronounce Gloucester Road |
How to Properly Pronounce Greenwich |
How to Properly Pronounce Leicester |
How to Properly Pronounce Reading |
How to Properly Pronounce Thames |
How to Properly Pronounce Dartmouth |
How to Properly Pronounce Worcester |
How to Properly Pronounce Edinburgh |
How to Properly Pronounce Chiswick |
How to Properly Pronounce Warwick |

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