Postcards from Elsewhere Media Features: TV, Print, Radio

Book ‘Postcards from Elsewhere Media features on print, TV and radio.

If you missed it, you can buy the book here:

Print Features – Postcards from Elsewhere

Sunstar Lifestyle features author on her new book. Writeup by Michael Rey Cortes.

TV Features – Postcards from Elsewhere

MYtv Cebu interview with Rachel Arandilla, author of “Postcards from Elsewhere,” on Dante Luzon’s show “Side of Town.”

Author Rachel Arandilla guested for the local network CCTN 47. In the episode, they will talk about her latest book, “Postcards from Elsewhere,” the joy and challenges of being a writer, and about her next book!

Radio Features

Rachel Arandilla, author of Postcards from Elsewhere, guests and co-hosts in Monster Radio BT 105.9.

If you want to order a copy of the book, you can order online through

If you missed it, you can buy the book here:

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