Book Launch in Cebu: Postcards from Elsewhere by Rachel Arandilla

Postcards from Elsewhere book launch in Cebu | Last Saturday, October 5th, was definitely one for the books!

On October 5, 2019, DCO Publishing a book launch in Cebu for their second title ‘Postcards from Elsewhere’ by Rachel Arandilla.

“Postcards from Elsewhere” by Philippine author and Sunstar travel columnist Rachel Arandilla and illustrations by Celina Paredes

The support that came our way and the number of people who showed up to celebrate with us was pretty overwhelming, good signs that the book community and interest is growing and thriving!

Book Launch: Postcards from Elsewhere

It was a magical afternoon that celebrated art and literature: the program started with Kristiana Rule of Thirdworldbooknerd, who talked about the local book culture and her love for reading.

Ms. Therese Villarante read her own poetry accompanied by music by Ram-ram. She read three soulful pieces that inspired love, self-love and writing.

Monica Villarica of VIDA – Villarica Dance School showcased to the audience poetry in motion–with her own choreographed contemporary ballet dance piece.

The illustrator Celina Paredes is the next to take the stage, as publisher Donald Villamero asked her probing questions on her process and how she became involved with the book project. She then performed a beautiful song in French and English for the audience.

Postcards from Elsewhere author Rachel Arandilla finally took to the stage and was interviewed by Donald Villamero on various parts and passages of the book. The event was then capped with a book reading of a chapter from the book.

A Big Thank You!

There were numerous partners and friends who came to the event, but a big shout out, first of all, to our partners who helped brought the book to life — Our printer partner, Grafik 9, led by Gian Solamo (who also did the wonderful calligraphy of the title); our binder partner, Optima Typographics, the layout artist Tyron Vittorio and Christine Gerra of DCO Publishing.

Also a big thank you for our gracious venue partner KMC Solutions, led by Aleena Suarez and Lana Osmeña.

Our caterer Lun-haw and Hideout Bakehouse, led by Trinket Arandilla and Kring Mendoza–everyone can’t get enough of the wonderful canapés served during the event!

Our coffee sponsor Portbrew Cebu, owned by Piero Vergara, received rave reviews at how good and strong the coffee was!

We would like to express our gratitude to our gracious volunteers Ivy, Paula and Agnes.

Shoutout also to our interns who have helped us achieve leaps and bounds: Len, Megrez, Berl, Erwin and Gabrielle!

Lastly, our gratitude goes to the family members, friends, collaborators, aspiring authors, supporters of the arts, and fellow book enthusiasts who were present last Saturday. You can be assured that we will not stop here at DCO Publishing until our collective dream is realized — to have a strong publishing industry here in Cebu City and throughout the entire Philippines.

Here’s to more books, more book launches, and more opportunities!

Check out more photos during the book launch in Cebu below:

About the Book

As a travel writer, Rachel has visited and lived in many different cities. For her, the real allure of travel is becoming a chameleon: gain new identities, assimilate in new environments, meet new people, learn new things, and then write about them—before she packs up and moves on to another city and to the next chapter of her life.

“Postcards from Elsewhere” is a story of a travel writer who has essentially become a story cartographer—mapping her world not with landmarks and places but with the cast of colorful characters, and life lessons, she encountered during her many travels around Asia, Europe, and the United States. 

If you want to order a copy of the book, you can order online through

If you missed it, you can buy the book here:

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