My Wanderlust Kid Turns Two Today!

4 countries, 10 cities, 2 continents. All before turning two years old.

My son and best friend Caleb was born on Christmas day. Unfortunate for the poor boy–he will end up having a combo present a year, with a card attached ‘Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! Love, Tita’. (which, even his own mother is guilty, hehe)
Everyone says he looks so much like his dad, but I know he got one thing from me: the gift (or curse?) of love for travel. He’s probably had more passport stamps than I did when I was 18. I hope traveling too much doesn’t make anyone dysfunctional in any way?
My kid’s first trip in Bantayan at 3 months old


Caleb in the UK at 11 months


Caleb’s numerous trips in Hong Kong / Macau, his first at five months old


Caleb in Disneyland / Ocean Park at 22 months


Caleb in Dubai International Airport

One of our recent trips was in Siargao, 23 months

Caleb at 23 months in Siargao


It’s amazing how we are both so blessed to be given the opportunity to see the world like we can now. We’re backed up by amazing family, friends and godparents who care for him so much–they assist us in any way to make our journeys easier.

Chilling with the gang and Oscar the dog, Boardwalk, Siargao


Caleb is so used to travel he is often unfazed in long journeys on the road, train, sea or air! He loves the journey as much as the destination.


He was getting too small for his bike. For Caleb’s second birthday, I got him a push scooter. Maybe next year, he can be ready for a skateboard. or a surfboard, perhaps.
Happy birthday, kiddo. (and shame you’re no longer lap child-free.)

Caleb and Rachel Sunstar feature for the Mother’s Day Special. We saw our faces on the magazine in the Cebu airport!

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12 thoughts on “My Wanderlust Kid Turns Two Today!”

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  3. Your kids are lucky to have traveler parents and they’re already used to traveling at the an early age. One thing I’ve learned from my parents though and from my experience is that, it doesn’t matter how many stamps you have in your passport. What’s important is that you can remember and have those precious travel memories with you. Thus, even though your kids have photos when they were abroad, they will most likely nag you to revisit those countries. It’s because they don’t have memories of it. I think 7 years old is the ideal age. I started traveling 12 years old and I have an unsatiable thirst for exploring new places. -Me-An Clemente

  4. The kid is lucky to have been born on Christmas Day. It’s fun and exciting to travel so i’m sure he’s enjoying it and will definitely continue as he grows. I’d definitely would love to travel as much as possible with my family too. 🙂

  5. Rachel,

    Your son Caleb is so used to travelling that the one skill he needs to learn is how to find galleries of photos of his various trips at his young age, because that’s the one thing that will remind him of where he has been as he grows up LOL! He is so cute!!!

  6. Awwwww…. Congratulations on the two yr old 🙂 really cute kid. I recall my parents taking me out on trips when I was a kid. And the only way I remember my toddler day trips are, by looking at the pictures
    Great share…

  7. Your kid is so cuuuuute! I envy him because he travels a lot even as a kid. I just hope remembers them all. haha! 🙂

  8. Kaladkaring bata! Lol.I see traveling a better way to celebrate birthday than doing a party in a fast food chain or so. Hehe. I wonder how his passport wil look like at age of five. 🙂

  9. Caleb is one lucky kid! Not the birthday on Christmas part, but mostly the travel part. Haha! I was born less than a week before Christmas so I kinda get the one gift one greeting thing, but I’ve gotten used to it. It’s really the thought that counts:)

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