How to Send and Receive Postcards in the Philippines

October 1 is World Postcard Day and today, we showed our deep appreciation for Postcards

I’m a big postcard fan. Such a big fan, that I even named my blog and my first book after it.

The word ‘postcard’ now evokes feelings of nostalgia, of the ‘good ol days’; the feeling of getting a tangible, handwritten letter is really different than an online greeting via messenger with emojis.

Nowadays, not a lot of people are familiar with their local post office anymore, nor are many familiar with the word ‘philatelists’. The word ‘postcard pretty’ has now been replaced by the more current ‘Instagrammable’ to define a place that is picturesque, beautiful, and worthy of a camera shot.

Cebu, Philippines Celebrates World Postcards Day

October 1 is two things: It’s World Coffee Day and World Postcards Day! Two of my favorite things–coffee and postcards, and a Zoom talk to commemorate the postcards’ 151st Anniversary and share our love for all things nostalgia.

I got so excited that there is a small, active community that loves and celebrates postcards, even in this day and age of the Digital Era. Organized by The Company Cebu in partnership with, we shared our love for postcards, stories, and new concepts.

You can watch a replay of our live FB chat here.

11-year-old Carlos shared how his love for stamps (he’s a philatelist) has evolved to his appreciation for postcards.He is also active in Postcrossing, where people can send and receive postcards from random people around the world. (Please see below at the end of the post on more details of Postcrossing and How to Join)

I personally shared my story of how I started from collecting postcards as mementos to trading them with fellow travelers, to finally sending one via mail in Saigon Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh.

We had loads amount of fun sharing our love and passion for postcards! It’s really easy and economical way to show people that you care! Nothing beats a handwritten letter to show that they’re thinking of you.

Postcard FAQs

Basic questions you need to know to start your postcard journey:

How much does it cost to mail a postcard?

The minimum cost to mail a postcard is PHP 15 for the standard postcard size (approx. 4 x 6 in.), while the average cost of a postcard is from PHP 10 to 50. Stamps are normally PHP 7 to PHP 14. If you don’t see any available PHP 14 stamps, simply buy two seven-peso stamps and attach them together.

How to send a postcard?

Just go to the nearest post office and buy stamps. The stamps will serve as proof of payment. You can give the postcard to the person at the counter.

Where to buy a postage stamp?

Go to the nearest post office branch in your city, although certain malls also carry them.

How long does it take for a postcard to be delivered?

for Philpost, at least three weeks (international) and less than three weeks (nationwide). If you’re doubtful of the reliability of Philpost, don’t! It’s actually very efficient and effective!

How to Join Postcrossing?

Postcrossing is amazing and I immediately signed up after the Zoom call. You can see the scoreboard in the Philippines on who has received the most postcards and I am excited to send more postcards to friends, old and new!

Here’s how to join

  1. Go to

    Create an account. It’s free!

  2. Request an Address

    Request Address and Postcard ID

  3. Mail a Postcard to that Address

  4. Receive a Postcard from another Postcrosser!

  5. Repeat!

    Repeat, send and receive as many postcards as you want.

About Pinspired PH

Pinspired PH is a Dumaguete-based online shop offering a wide variety of Philippine postcards and gifts. You can visit their website and see their creative work and merch at Pinspired.PH. They’re awesome!

Thank you again for having me! You can buy my book “Postcards from Elsewhere” here. It comes with a free postcard. FB page

I love stories and love giving other storytellers the platform to share their stories. I am the founder of Story Nights: Cebu, where we hold live storytelling events. I can also help you publish and print your book!

If you would like me to send you a postcard, please email me your address at

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