Hong Kong Disneyland for Babies

Caleb had his first Hong Kong Disneyland experience as a baby, at only 18 months old. Many would argue he was too young for Disneyland. Sure–he’ll probably never remember most of it. Yes–maybe I could have waited when he was a little older. But if you have the opportunity, I’d still recommend parents to take their babies to Disneyland.

I didn’t care; Caleb has been traveling like a pro since he got his baby passport at 3 months. If he’s conquered England at 12 months, Hong Kong Disneyland should be easy-peasy.


HK Disneyland Fast Facts:

  • Getting There: Take the Tung Chung Line to Sunny Bay, from Sunny Bay station change to Disneyland Resort Line.
  • Ticket Price: Standard 1-day ticket for Adult is HKD $539, Child is HKD $385, Senior is HKD $100 (as of Feb 2016. for more details, click here)
  • : 9:30 AM to 9PM, depends on what day of the week

Here’s why you shouldn’t be worried about bringing your baby to the world’s happiest place:

  • Babies come in free until they’re three. Admission is free from 0-2.11 months old. You just need to pay for yourself and your kid’s other guardians!
  • HK Disneyland has superb baby facilities. The Baby Center is located right beside the Main Street Corner Cafe in Man Street USA, Disneyland. They have complete facilities for nursing, changing and feeding your baby. For your convenience, you can also purchase supplies like milk formula, diapers and medications from them.

Very convenient: Baby Care Center is located adjacent to Main Street Corner Cafe, at the heart of everything!

  • Believe it or not, your baby can enjoy most of the rides!

The HK one is the most baby-friendly of all the Disney theme parks. The park is smaller in comparison to the others, and the rides are more tame and aimed at younger children. Caleb was able to ride most of the attractions and see all the shows. The only ride that I can recall that Caleb missed was the Space Mountain due to height restrictions.

Recommended Attractions for Babies

As mentioned, most attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland are doable for babies. But if you’re a bit pressed for time, here are some recommended attractions you can prioritize. These were Caleb’s favorite rides and shows:

  • Festival of the Lion King – this musical spectacular is a favorite of all ages. Watch your favorite Lion King characters come to life. It was the only time I saw my 1-year-old sit still for 30 minutes straight.
  • Mickey’s Philharmagic – 3D animation starring many of Disney’s beloved characters. Good for older babies, at least 2 years old and above.
  • Autopia – This was Caleb’s ultimate favorite ride. You get to drive your own car and cruise along the futuristic highway. It has a height requirement of at least 32 inches to ride.
  • Toy Story Land – because everything in this park is so friggin’ cute!

  • ‘Flights of Fancy’ Grand Parade – always a magical experience for Disney fans of all ages!
  • Disney in the Stars Fireworks – the best way to end your theme park experience! Always wonderful to see pyrotechnics set in Disney’s classic soundtrack.

  • Other Favorite Rides – Jungle River Cruise, It’s a Small World, Winnie the Pooh Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster, Character Meet and Greet

Tips and Advice

Here are a few tips on how to make your baby’s first Disneyland trip easier for both of you, based on personal experience:

  • Rent a stroller! 

Small children don’t have the endurance to walk the whole day, and they will get tired. When they get tired, they will get cranky. The strollers come really handy throughout the day. They are easy to push around and provide ample shade for your kid. It’s going to be sunny and hot!

Strollers are available at Main Street, USA. Day use is HKD $100, with a deposit of HKD $100 that can be redeemed after return.

  • Don’t start too early.

I’m going against the conventional and say this: don’t come to Disneyland early. If you have a baby in tow, I recommend you to start later. We started at 2pm, and by dusk we were already exhausted. At least have some energy left to be able to see the fireworks at 8:30 PM!

  • Be realistic. Set your pace slower.

It is best to see the park for two days–one in the morning and one in late afternoon until evening. Be realistic with your goals and prioritize which rides and shows to see. While adults can easily see the park for a day, a baby in the entourage will set the pace slower.

  • Take loads of pictures.

While writing this blog, I realize I didn’t take enough photos. At the time, taking photos was the least of my concern–having been to various Disneylands a million times already since childhood. Looking back, I wished I took more interest in documenting my child’s first experience though, so I could share them to everyone. (sigh)


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14 thoughts on “Hong Kong Disneyland for Babies”

  1. I think parents should get their kids to traveling early. People say it’s a waste of money because kids won’t remember much of it anyway. I disagree. Kids can appreciate things even at early age and I think they would be amazed to find out when they grow old that when they were still young, they’ve already been to some places. Maybe it would actually compel them to go back once they realize that right?

    I haven’t been to Disneyland but I am hoping to do that in the near future of course.

  2. What a cute adventurer! Kids are fast learner and letting them to travel can actually develop and expand their interests and perspectives! A detailed an unique guide for Disyneland by the way. It’s not everywhere that we can read about special tips for traveling babies.

  3. I think Disney is magical for kids of any age truly. I went to the one in Florida when I was twelve and loved it and I don’t go on rides. I loved Main Street and there are lots of fun things to do, I’m sure he had a blast.

  4. Mirriam (Mirriam Dictionary)

    Hats off to your for teaching Caleb to travel and have fun at a young age. I believe travelling exposes us to wider views. HK Disneyland will always be wondrous for adults and kids alike.

  5. Disney World in Florida was my first trip I remember. I was only four but I remember it vividly. I always find the thought of traveling with small children really scary because their emotions kind of end up running the show. You’re very capable to be able to take your son everywhere like that.

  6. I always dreamt of visiting Disneyland. But destiny isn’t prepared for it yet. lol But really, this post is really informative and whenever I get the chance to visit the place along with my son, I’ll surely let him give a try of the ones you recommended though I am sure he’ll be a little older by then.

  7. Disneyland or any Disney-themed park is really a magical place that is suitable to all ages. I do believe that letting kids travel at a young age is good. They get to explore and be inquisitive about things around them, get to use their senses during the trip and lastly, bond with their family. 😀

  8. Disneyland HK is not big, and a family can explore everything in a day. A stroller for little ones comes highly recommended, otherwise, there are a lot of seats available to rest weary arms and aching backs.

    For little ones remembering, they will forget, but the photos will be there, so keep them safe, secure and properby backed up for them to enjoy as they grow older. Those photos, believe it or not, reinforces the bond between you and your kids.

  9. I super miss HK, especially Disneyland because when we were here, we weren’t able to try any ride because of a 3 degress cold that time we can actually feel ourselves freezing. hahahaha Disneyland is really for the kids and the kids-at-heart. I agree on all your tips but I would still start early even if I have a baby especially if we only have the one-day pass. Hehe tambay nalang siguro kami somewhere if pagod na. 🙂 Sayang kasi time. hehe

  10. I think babies love travelling and going to new places. We see it with Bunny eh. Which is why this is a validation na we can take her to HK Disneyland next year before she turns 3 (great that you mentioned free pa until 2.11 months!). I have to because I promised her when she was still in my tummy.

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