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The opening of the brand new Mactan Cebu International Airport is a blessing to travelers in the Vis-Min area. Several years ago when I was younger, all international flights meant we have to pass through Manila. However, Cebu is fast becoming the preferred regional hub for international flights.

Among the first destinations offered in Cebu were Singapore and Hong Kong; which is not a surprise as this is often the preferred destinations to travelers traveling abroad for the first time.

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But over the years several airlines such as Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Air Asia have offered more and more international destinations to savvy Cebuano travelers.

Thinking of traveling soon? If you don’t have time to pass through NAIA for your international travels, here are top Cebu direct flight international destinations, apart from the usual SG and HK:


Shanghai, the Oriental Paris, is a city that best showcases east meets west. Shanghai is China’s largest, most prosperous city–is a highly regarded metropolis that evoke glamour, modernism and excess.

Shanghai offers an unparalleled shopping experience such as Nanjing Road that offers a vast collection of luxury brands and shopping goods.

If you’re not a shopaholic, Shanghai still has a lot to offer for you: history, culture, architecture, art and stories. The Shanghai skyline is a sight to behold; a true image of modernity. One can also check out The Bund, Shanghai Tower, Yu Garden and the famed Oriental Pearl Tower.

Cebu Pacific flies direct Cebu to Shanghai.


Macau has two sides of it: the first is the glitzy, ‘Las Vegas of the East’ Macau, and the more humble Portuguese colony ‘Old Macau’.

Try your hand at the gambling tables in Macau’s top casinos such as The Venetian, The Galaxy or The Wynn. Check out the exciting shows from musicals, operas, performances, and dancing water shows.

But if you’re not much of a gambler, you can discover the charm of old Macau, back when it was a small Portuguese colony. Walk through the cobbled steps, visit the Ruins of St. Paul, and eat some of their famed egg tarts.

Back then, in order for you to get to Macau, you either have to fly from Manila or you have to fly to Hong Kong and take a ferry from there. Now, both Cebu Pacific and Air Asia flies direct Cebu to Macau.


Taipei 101, National Palace Museum and the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial are must-visits for tourists, but beyond the city backdrop Taiwan has a lot to offer: thriving food and nightlife scene, to be exact.

Taipei is foodie heaven: the birthplace of boba, hot pot, Taiwanese fried chicken, oyster noodle and Din Tai Fung. Eating has evolved to almost a national sport in Taiwan.

Taiwan seems to operate 24/7–at night the city comes alive with night markets, 24-hour convenience stores and a hip nightclub scene.

And if you do get tired of the city, check out the charming mountain towns of Jiufen and Shifen to get a feel of old Taiwan.

Tiger Air and Air Asia fly direct Cebu to Taiwan.

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Tokyo, Japan is one of the ultramodern international cities, carving a name in the worlds of fashion, business, technology and culture. Tokyo is the kind of city where you can find an ultramodern glass skyscraper right beside an ancient shinto temple. 

One can appreciate the ancient Japanese art and architecture in one corner, and then immerse in digital modern interactive art in the next. Ultimately, Tokyo has an amazing backdrop of Mt. Fuji. You got to admit, it’s pretty amazing.

Tokyo Skyline

You can fly direct to Tokyo through Cebu Pacific, ANA and Philippine Airlines.

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The capital of South Korea is famous for many reasons: a rich, six-century history, Korean food, electronics, makeup, and most importantly: K-pop.

There’s tons of things to do in Seoul: Wear a hanbok at Gyeongbokgung Palace. Buy cosmetics at Myeongdong. Check out the world’s largest indoor amusement park, Lotte World. Indulge in authentic Korean street food.

If you ask, why travel Korea, I respond: why the hell not?

Several airlines such as Cebu Pacific, Air Asia and Jeju Air fly to Seoul from Cebu.

Kuala Lumpur

When I think about Kuala Lumpur, I think about: a breathtaking cityscape with a beautiful, diverse mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian that translates in their amazing food and culture. Just like Singapore, English is most commonly spoken in Malaysia; but unlike Singapore, KL is much more affordable.

A dominantly Islam nation, so think about wearing more conservatively when visiting religious sites and mosques, halal food offerings, etc. The most famous landmark is the Petronas Twin Towers, but we urge you to explore the littler known landmarks: Wilayah Mosque, Merdeka Square, Thean Hou Temple, etc.

Air Asia flies to and from KL from Cebu.

What Cebu-direct flight destinations would you like to be made available soon?

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