How to Renew your Child’s Philippine Passport

Wow! I can’t believe my child is already turning 5 this year! Whew–Time flew fast.

This meant, for a travel blogger mom, one thing: I have to renew his Philippine passport!

One of my most popular blogs was the guide on How to apply for your baby’s Philippine passport, which still gets 100+ number of views daily. Now that I have to renew his passport yet again, I had to look back at how I did it five years ago, plus references from other blogs of moms.

I must say: I am so thankful that I write very detailed guides! I thank my past self for my anal-retentiveness to writing. 😉

We made a short video on our DFA experience (Caleb loves creating content, too!) but you can find the detailed guide by reading more below.


Anyway, here is the guide on how to renew your Baby’s Philippine Passport.


  • Personal Appearance – you’ll need to bring your child to DFA as applicant. Either of the parent must also be present (if legitimate) or the mother (if illegitimate).
  • You don’t need a confirmed appointment – minors ages below 7, senior citizens, pregnant women and handicapped can come right in and go to the courtesy lane. Other walk-in applicants that qualify for the courtesy lane include: infants, PWD, senior citizens and pregnant women. Other applicants will have to apply and book an appointment online.
  • Birth Certificate – an original NSO birth certificate in original SECPA (Security Paper)
  • Photocopy of Passport of parents (both if legitimate, only the mother’s if illegitimate)
  • Old Philippine Passport
    • If the child or minor applicant is not traveling with both his parents, you will need additional requirements:
      • Travel clearance form issued by DSWD. Original and photocopy will be required (blog post to follow on how to secure this)
        • Note that minors will not need to acquire the DSWD clearance if parents are living abroad or are immigrants, or in the Foreign service. Proof needs to be provided that parent/s are living abroad.
      • Affidavit of Support and Consent by either parent (mother, if illegitimate)
      • Passport copy of the person the child will be traveling with.


DFA in Cebu is located at the 4th Level, Pacific Mall – Metro Mandaue, U.N. Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.

Since Caleb is still below 7 years old, he didn’t need a scheduled appointment. The courtesy lane accepts babies, senior citizens, pregnant women and handicapped applicants.

Another good news for moms, dads or carers: an adult applicant can accompany with your child’s application for passport. I know the current headaches and woes (an understatement!) with DFA’s new passport appointment system, so I used this to my advantage and renewed my passport even if mine was still valid until Sept 2019.

(P.S.: This doesn’t mean that you can have a whole barangay can ride in with your child’s passport application. Only one adult companion application can join in!)

Step 1: Make sure to come to DFA with all the documents complete and organized to make the passport application process swift and hassle-free. Bring original copies and photocopies of all required paperwork. Once you enter, the guard will give you an application form you need to fill up. Just wait inside for a few minutes and once you’re up, submit your documents and form to the official assigned who will review them and make sure documents are in order.

Step 2: Line up to give payment at the cashier. It’s Php 950 for regular processing and Php 1,200 for 7 days express processing. As of writing, it takes 14-working days for regular processing and 7-working days for express processing. Keep the receipt for passport pickup later on.

Step 3: Picture-taking time. Process is again fast and painless, no biometrics will be taken for the child but his picture will be taken. It took us less than thirty minutes from start to finish!

Step 4: Waiting time. I didn’t opt for the delivery service so I came back to DFA exactly as stipulated on the receipt, after 7-working days. Bring the old passport along with the receipt and head straight to the releasing area.

Congratulations! You got your child’s passport (good for five years), while mine is good (for ten years)! I hope by then, DFA would be able to fix their casablanca passport appointment system, but for now I’m happy to bypass the lines and get our passports in no time!

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