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One of my heroes, the renowned writer, poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou, had a peculiar writing process: she would wake up early in the morning and chick in a hotel room. She would specifically instruct the staff to remove any artworks from the walls. She would then start writing at 6:30 in the… Continue reading THE MAYA ANGELOU METHOD

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As part of the requirements needed for applying for the DSWD Minor Travel Clearance is a notarized affidavit of consent from parents. The letter must include: destination, date of intended travel, purpose, and name of companion/s. For a sample of affidavit of consent, please see below and hope this helps! (written by a single mom… Continue reading SAMPLE AFFIDAVIT OF CONSENT FOR DSWD MINOR TRAVEL CLEARANCE

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Where to Go? Top Cebu-direct Flight International Destinations

The opening of the brand new Mactan Cebu International Airport is a blessing to travelers in the Vis-Min area. Several years ago when I was younger, all international flights meant we have to pass through Manila. However, Cebu is fast becoming the preferred regional hub for international flights. Among the first destinations offered in Cebu… Continue reading Where to Go? Top Cebu-direct Flight International Destinations

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Food Guide: Must Try Noodle Dishes in East Asia

I have my own favorite, but for my own security I would rather keep my mouth shut and show you noodles around East Asia. Which ones are your favorite?

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Bucket List Check: Singapore, Exotic Jewel of the Far East

I caught my first glimpse of the renowned Jewel at the Changi Airport early in the morning. Despite being visibly tired and coming from a 3.5-hour flight from Cebu, my whole demeanor flight changed upon catching sight of this ‘jewel’.

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Jiufen and Shifen: Taiwan’s charming old towns

Did you know that Taiwan was actually Japan's first colony? You can still feel it, once you step on the shores of Taiwan--you can feel a little bit of China, and a little bit of Japan... but don't tell the Taiwanese that. Japan wanted to show off to the world that they can also do the imperial colonizing… Continue reading Jiufen and Shifen: Taiwan’s charming old towns

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UPDATED 2019: How to apply for your baby’s Philippine Passport

Summer is around the corner and travel is the best experience you can give to your child. I got my baby's passport when he was barely two months old so that he can visit his dad and paternal grandparents abroad.

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Let’s talk about money

The Bank of the Philippine Islands or BPI has had a long banking history in the Philippines. As the oldest bank in the Philippines and also the oldest in Far East Asia, no bank paints a clearer historical picture than the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

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Must Try Eats in Siargao *Updated 2019*

Siargao is (so far) my favorite island in the Philippines, and is considered as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. Most of the tourist activity is centered in General Luna in Siargao, and there are plenty of gems in the area to dine, party, and do activities. If it's your first time to visit the beautiful island, this blog will help you identify the must-sees.