Travel with Kids to Tokyo Japan: 4 Days Travel Itinerary

Here's a 4-day Tokyo Japan Itinerary if you intend to travel with kids.


My child is a travel blogger, too

My four-year-old, who has been to 15 countries, is not camera shy. He has taken the same love for travel and storytelling as his mom and has made his own travel vlog! Come follow him on his Youtube Channel at Kid Friendly Travels with Caleb Danzo and don't forget to subscribe! Kid Friendly Travels with Caleb … Continue reading My child is a travel blogger, too

How to Renew your Child’s Philippine Passport

Wow! I can't believe my child is already turning 5 this year! Whew--Time flew fast. This meant, for a travel blogger mom, one thing: I have to renew his Philippine passport! One of my most popular blogs was the guide on How to apply for your baby's Philippine passport, which still gets 100+ number of … Continue reading How to Renew your Child’s Philippine Passport

Hong Kong Disneyland for Babies

Caleb had his first Disneyland experience as a baby, at 18 months old. Many would argue he was too young for Disneyland. Sure--he'll probably never remember most of it. Yes--maybe I could have waited when he was a little older. But if you have the opportunity, I'd still recommend parents to take their babies to Disneyland. I didn't care; Caleb … Continue reading Hong Kong Disneyland for Babies

10 Things That Changed Since I’ve Become a New Mom

Three weeks ago, I received a message from the awesome Fiona of Sunstar Weekend, asking if they could feature me and Caleb for their Mother's Day Issue. It never really dawned on me until that point: Oh right. I am a mom! I can't believe I forgot.