Food Guide: Must Try Noodle Dishes in East Asia

I have my own favorite, but for my own security I would rather keep my mouth shut and show you noodles around East Asia. Which ones are your favorite?


Must Try Eats in Siargao *Updated 2019*

Siargao is (so far) my favorite island in the Philippines, and is considered as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. Most of the tourist activity is centered in General Luna in Siargao, and there are plenty of gems in the area to dine, party, and do activities. If it's your first time to visit the beautiful island, this blog will help you identify the must-sees.

Food Guide: Must Try Foods in Seoul, South Korea

If I had to come back to South Korea, for the food alone, I still definitely would--in a heartbeat. Back home, there are a lot of Korean transplants and hence Korean restaurants peppered in the city--but admittedly, I was not much of a fan of Korean food, until I got to the country. Everything is … Continue reading Food Guide: Must Try Foods in Seoul, South Korea