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5 Things that Surprised Me About Living in the USA

Many, many things surprised me about USA when I lived there for a few months on exchange. I could start with guns and politics but let's deviate to more politically correct things, so here are some of the five: Doing chores is super easy! Doing chores is a lot easier in a developed country where… Continue reading 5 Things that Surprised Me About Living in the USA

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Language Classes in the Groceries, Culture Lessons on the Dinner Tables

I HAVE a weird kink that I want to confess: I get super excited with every opportunity to go grocery shopping abroad. It seems like a very mundane thing, but the grocery store is always a potential cultural lesson.

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COVID Diary Day 9: When this is over…

What are the long term implications of travel? This could be the death of the budget airline era (and begpackers).

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Yello hotel features a lot of smart features that enable technology to make the guest experience better. Once you get to the hotel lobby, you are greeted by this charming smart robot.

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Luxury Yacht Rentals in Cebu

Cebu Luxury Yacht Charter -- check out the fleet you can rent for shoots, parties, excursions, etc.

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Snow World in Cebu for the Whole Family

WINTER IS COMING: SNOW WORLD CEBU It is currently Yuletide season which means one thing: Winter is coming… … unless you live in a tropical country such as the Philippines. In Cebu, we enjoy sun and rain all year round and never get to experience four seasons; and will never experience a white Christmas. Snow… Continue reading Snow World in Cebu for the Whole Family

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Travel Etiquette Rules to Live By

Golden Rules When Traveling. Customs, norms and traditions may vary from culture to culture, but here are some 10 Travel Etiquette rules to live by for every millennial traveler. Enjoy!

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While digging into my bowl of steaming Lechon Arroz Caldo from a local Cebuano restaurant, the thought of Filipinos smelling like pork crept into my mind. For the majority of Pinoys, pork is a consistent table choice.

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Travel Guide: The Nusa Islands, Indonesia Travel Guide

Exploring the Tropical Trio off the coast of Mainland Bali -- Suggested travel guide on what to see for 3 days exploring the Nusa Islands, Indonesia