How to Properly Pick Up Girls

A question was posted to me on another site on the strangest strategy I've seen a friend do to score girls. Guys ought to learn a thing or two from Jerry. My friend Jerry, is a ladies man. He got dates all the friggin’ time. Interestingly, he wasn’t ‘classically’ good-looking. Jerry was only 5′7, regular … Continue reading How to Properly Pick Up Girls


Into the World of Podcasts

"Traffic is a sign of progress." My friend tried to lighten my mood while we were stuck in the 7PM Banilad road traffic jam. I snorted. What she said is probably true, but how I wished this wasn't the case, had our economy done some long-term urban planning. Sigh. Traffic is a billion-dollar problem, and … Continue reading Into the World of Podcasts

How I Discovered Pole

I started my affair with pole while I was an exchange student in Philadelphia. It was born out of necessity: to find girls. Let me explain. Back in the Philippines, I never had any problems meeting and befriending many female friends. In Philly, it was different. Being in business school, the m-to-f ratio was slightly … Continue reading How I Discovered Pole

Blank Canvas

'Sprezzatura' is a beautiful Italian term which means 'looking effortless'; or as the 16th century Italian author Baldassare Castiliogne describes it, a certain 'nonchalance' so as to conceal and make whatever one does appear without effort or almost any thought about it. 'Sprezzatura' is a beautiful Italian term which means 'looking effortless'; or as the … Continue reading Blank Canvas

Of Books and Friends

I looked around in amazement. Around me were 50,000-something books with 13-meter tall bookshelves, lots of open air and natural light. Quite a few people are taking selfies, while some are silently reading or working on their laptops. I was just looking around, unable to hide my amazement with all the books around me. I … Continue reading Of Books and Friends

The Writer and the Blogger

I never understood how artists can be so snobbish against other artists who have become commercial and made money from their art. To me, to decide to become an artist is almost synonymous to a life of martyrdom--you're sure as hell are going to be broke for the rest of your life. However, I have … Continue reading The Writer and the Blogger

Yas girl, we’re the same brand of crazy!

It was already 3 in the morning and my friend Apollo and I were already feeling tired after a hazy night out. We decided to recover in a small hole-in-the-wall in Poblacion; with plans of drenching the night’s alcohol consumption with high-cholesterol chicken skin. Upon sitting down, I immediately noticed the man beside our table. […]