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COVID Diary Day 7: The Rules of Love Have Changed

This is an interesting shift in Tinder's use case, where users previously use Tinder as a meat market for warm bodies within close distance range. Now Tinder could pivot to become a platform for soul connections and worthwhile conversations (after you pass the first and vital visual round mutually, of course.)

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COVID Diary Day 9: When this is over…

What are the long term implications of travel? This could be the death of the budget airline era (and begpackers).

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COVID Diary Day 4: Philippine Stock Market Closes (…and Reopens)

On Tuesday, March 17, 2nd day of imposed lockdown, I woke up to the news that the Philippine Stock Exchange is closed 'until further notice'. Pin needle drops. I've heard a lot of COVID-19 news over the past months, but this is the moment I knew that shit just got real. I don't know a… Continue reading COVID Diary Day 4: Philippine Stock Market Closes (…and Reopens)

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COVID Diary Day 3: Death of Lean?

What business improvements do you plan to implement after the COVID-19 lockdown? Share your thoughts and let me know how you are all holding up!

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“Postcards from Elsewhere” Book Talk

A sit-down interview and an open forum with the author and illustrator of the "Postcards from Elsewhere" book. I