Comments from Readers

"Rachel has never been the average girl and has always been quite a talented writer. She has a writing style that keeps you hanging onto the edge of your seat, griping to flip to the next page after another. She is not as melodramatic and emotional as most chick flick-loving girls, but this book is … Continue reading Comments from Readers


First Draft Accomplished

Hi there! Just finished the first draft of my manuscript! Looks like the first book is coming to publication earlier than expected. I am still in need in beta readers because I'm still unconfident about the quality of my output. Anything helps! All the best, Rachel

Major Website Overhaul

Hi readers! I'll be making a lot of adjustments to this blog to turn it more into a window display for the upcoming first book. Loads of nerves on my end, but looking forward to exciting times! Apologies for the inconvenience for the next few days. Thank you for the love, xxx Rachel

I forgot to pay for my domain

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I forgot to pay for my domain name, but while I am trying to recover my blog handle, please settle for second best for now: UPDATE: an anonymous angel made a good deed and helped me pay for my domain! I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart!

My Toiletry Dilemma

Filipinos are known to love bathing. We do it as frequently as possible, normally twice a day. Some people I know even go as far as bathing thrice daily during the summer! We have more shampoo and soap products and commercials than any other culture (that I know).