The Economics of Modern Love

Dating in this modern era is suddenly a spectrum of labels that were once just black-and-white. There are now inexhaustible ways on how to define heterosexual partners who get together: casually dating, “just hanging out,” laissez-faire, FWBs, cuddle buddies, hotline blings, one-sided relationships, on-again, off-again, zip code affairs, and a recent favorite: “we’re-exes-but-still-live-together-because-rent-in-New-York-is-too-damn-expensive.”


Postcards from Elsewhere Book Update

Rachel, as a travel writer, has essentially become a story cartographer—mapping her world not with landmarks and places but with the cast of colorful characters, and life lessons, she encountered during her many travels around Asia, Europe, and the United States.

What to Expect: Indian Weddings

Earlier this year, I got invited to a good friend Kimmi's wedding. It was one of my most unforgettable experiences--one, because I got to see a special friend get married to the love of her life, and two, because it was the first Indian wedding I ever attended.