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How to Pronounce UK Places

Here's how to properly pronounce places in the United Kingdom.

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5 days in London UK Travel Itinerary *UPDATED 2018*

This is the essential London UK Travel Itinerary that covers the basics of things you need to see and do in London.

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Stonehenge Travel Guide *UPDATED 2019*

As an art history teacher, this is among the first point of entry to the subject--Stonehenge, Lascaux cave paintings, Venus of WIllendorf and other prehistoric art. To finally be in England and the Stonehenge so nearby--I couldn't pass it up.

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10 Moments of Culture Shock in Europe as a Filipino

Europe has always been a place of wonder and romance for me--a place from dreams of a little child. I thought I've read enough books seen enough Downton Abbey to prepare myself on what Europe is like. But, just like marriage, you can never be fully prepared for what's to come. Here are 10 moments of culture shock you'll likely experience as a Filipino traveler!

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How to apply for UK Visa in Cebu, Philippines

Applying for a UK visa doesn't need to be stressful. You just need to be prepared and do ample research far ahead. If you're reading my blog right now--good job! You just aced the research part. I have divided the UK tourist visa application process in four steps: 1. Preparation, 2. Online Application, 3. Appointment and 4. Waiting Period.