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Travel Guide: The Nusa Islands, Indonesia Travel Guide

Exploring the Tropical Trio off the coast of Mainland Bali -- Suggested travel guide on what to see for 3 days exploring the Nusa Islands, Indonesia

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Atop the Highest Al Fresco Bar in the World I've been to Singapore six times this year, mostly for business, and hugely because it's so easy to fly direct from Cebu via Cebu Pacific. And yet, for someone who's been to Singapore too many times, I realize I didn't know much about the city at… Continue reading NIGHTLIFE GUIDE: 1 ALTITUDE, SINGAPORE

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Funny how at the start of my 20s, I was at the very Marina Bay Sands, the architectural marvel that defined Singapore; and it was there where I received a wedding proposal and I was crying, not tears of joy but more tears of utter confusion.

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Where to Go? Top Cebu-direct Flight International Destinations

The opening of the brand new Mactan Cebu International Airport is a blessing to travelers in the Vis-Min area. Several years ago when I was younger, all international flights meant we have to pass through Manila. However, Cebu is fast becoming the preferred regional hub for international flights. Among the first destinations offered in Cebu… Continue reading Where to Go? Top Cebu-direct Flight International Destinations

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Food Guide: Must Try Noodle Dishes in East Asia

I have my own favorite, but for my own security I would rather keep my mouth shut and show you noodles around East Asia. Which ones are your favorite?

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Bucket List Check: Singapore, Exotic Jewel of the Far East

I caught my first glimpse of the renowned Jewel at the Changi Airport early in the morning. Despite being visibly tired and coming from a 3.5-hour flight from Cebu, my whole demeanor flight changed upon catching sight of this ‘jewel’.

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Amazing Cebu Drone Reel by Abigail Aquino

Talk about girl power. I am a big fan of this young, bright and talented woman from Cebu: Abigail Aquino. She was a former student of mine when I taught in the University of San Carlos - School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design a few years back. Now, I have seen her work online… Continue reading Amazing Cebu Drone Reel by Abigail Aquino

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What to Expect in Bangkok, Thailand

A few years back, I wrote a What to Expect: Taipei, Taiwan article that received a lot of positive feedback, and thought I would do it again: this time what to expect in Bangkok Thailand. Because of Hollywood (most notably, Hangover 2), Bangkok has been put on the world map. It has been known as… Continue reading What to Expect in Bangkok, Thailand

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Travel Itinerary: 4 days in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world: in the year 2016 alone, Thailand saw some 32.6 million visitors visiting their country. The appeal of Thailand has stretched far and wide: the country is most known for its hospitality, hence the moniker 'Land of Smiles'. May it be Thailand's Buddhist culture and temples, colorful nightlife, extensive shopping or amazing beaches, there is always something for you!