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Yello hotel features a lot of smart features that enable technology to make the guest experience better. Once you get to the hotel lobby, you are greeted by this charming smart robot.

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Luxury Yacht Rentals in Cebu

Cebu Luxury Yacht Charter -- check out the fleet you can rent for shoots, parties, excursions, etc.

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Snow World in Cebu for the Whole Family

WINTER IS COMING: SNOW WORLD CEBU It is currently Yuletide season which means one thing: Winter is coming… … unless you live in a tropical country such as the Philippines. In Cebu, we enjoy sun and rain all year round and never get to experience four seasons; and will never experience a white Christmas. Snow… Continue reading Snow World in Cebu for the Whole Family

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If you asked me a year ago if I could see myself working with drones today, I would have asked you what a drone was.

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Travel Guide: The Nusa Islands, Indonesia Travel Guide

Exploring the Tropical Trio off the coast of Mainland Bali -- Suggested travel guide on what to see for 3 days exploring the Nusa Islands, Indonesia

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Book Production Process in Cebu, Philippines

Let's talk about the book production process, and how we are proud to say that Postcards from Elsewhere by Rachel Arandilla is 100% Cebuano made, and the people and businesses behind it that made the book happen!

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Cebu is well-known for its mangoes, lechon and amazing cuisine—but once you venture your culinary experiences from the restaurants to the streets, it gets even more interesting. CEBUANO STREET FOOD, ANYONE?