Book Production in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu”Postcards from Elsewhere” by Rachel Arandilla is 100% Proudly Made and Produced in Cebu, Philippines

Since I published my first book, a lot of individuals have approached me and shared that they, too, wish to publish their own book one day.

In a separate blog post, I will tell you more about the whole publication process: from writing the manuscript, to submitting the manuscript to a publisher, to editing, proofreading, production and final launch of the book.

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you the book production process, and how we are proud to say that Postcards from Elsewhere by Rachel Arandilla is 100% Cebuano made, and the people and businesses behind it that made the book happen!

Work of Artisans

The book has this feel of artisanship as many of the methods is still using traditional technologies. The printing and binding is a collaboration with Grafik 9 and Optima Typographics.

All the materials–the paper, board, cover–were chosen specially by DCO Publishing to ensure the highest quality of book possible.

Inside pages are full-color and illustrated, and we made sure we chose the right type of paper to make sure the colors come out alive.

Of course, quality control is an essential part of the process.

All images by DCO Publishing

“I’ve been doing quality control for 8 years now,” says Ruth of Optima Typographics as she finishes the last stack of printed pages, double-checking the page numbers are in correct order, before they are sown together. Ruth works for the local binding house for our book, “Postcards from Elsewhere.”

Binding for the hardbound book was done specially by hand. In an ever-increasingly digital world, it’s good to know that the past is somehow still alive in a humble city like Cebu.

Doesn’t it remind you of Japanese books with its minimalist style and craftsmanship?

Image by DCO Publishing

The book jacket is digitally printed and matte laminated by Grafik 9.

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