Jiufen and Shifen: Taiwan’s charming old towns

Did you know that Taiwan was actually Japan's first colony? You can still feel it, once you step on the shores of Taiwan--you can feel a little bit of China, and a little bit of Japan... but don't tell the Taiwanese that. Japan wanted to show off to the world that they can also do the imperial colonizing … Continue reading Jiufen and Shifen: Taiwan’s charming old towns

Blank Canvas

'Sprezzatura' is a beautiful Italian term which means 'looking effortless'; or as the 16th century Italian author Baldassare Castiliogne describes it, a certain 'nonchalance' so as to conceal and make whatever one does appear without effort or almost any thought about it. 'Sprezzatura' is a beautiful Italian term which means 'looking effortless'; or as the … Continue reading Blank Canvas

Travel Etiquette for Travelers | Postcardpretty.com

Travel Etiquette Rules to Live By

Golden Rules When Traveling. Customs, norms and traditions may vary from culture to culture, but here are some 10 Travel Etiquette rules to live by for every millennial traveler. Enjoy!

"Postcards from Elsewhere" Book Talk

Our next book talk for "Postcards from Elsewhere" is happening on December 7 at Sprocketeer Cafe in Baseline Center, Cebu City. A sit-down interview and an open forum with the author and illustrator of the "Postcards from Elsewhere" book. In this book talk, we will be discussing about traveling as a way of discovering one's … Continue reading "Postcards from Elsewhere" Book Talk

17 Types of Guys You’ll Meet on Tinder

We all have to agree that Tinder will always be the Mecca app for all single ladies. Whether your goal is to seek for your next Ryan Gosling or just want to have a quick lay, Tinder is the one. Online dating will always be a trial and error experiment. It can be fun and all but always expect lots of twist and turns especially that Tinder has a plethora of interesting and unexpected characters.

Story Nights Cebu – Those Were The Days

Last October 25, Story Nights: Cebu held another amazing night of stories celebrating the olden days with the theme 'Those were the days'. Story Nights Cebu - Those were the days The night was filled with stories surrounding 'Those Were the Days' -- stories about the good ol 'days, nostalgic childhoods, lost years, and carefree … Continue reading Story Nights Cebu – Those Were The Days