Best Eats in Siargao: A Foodie’s Haven

I never knew ‘falling in love’ could occur outside of the desired sex, but that’s what happened when I came to Siargao. I fell in love with the island, the beaches, the food, the culture. 

Now I understood why a handful of my friends gave up city life to live here. I felt heartbreak when we had to leave; five days was not enough. One month won’t be either. Maybe I could live here with my son, I tinkered with the idea.

Siargao is my favorite island in the Philippines, and is considered as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines.

I’ve been to Siargao three times–2015, 2016, and this year 2019. I thought I knew Siargao in the back of my hand and could show my peers around–but who knew so much could change in an island in a span of three years? I’ve updated this list to include new restaurants to try when in Siargao.

Getting Around

Getting around GL is not difficult, there are a lot of motorcycles who will take you anywhere for P20/head. It comes up to P30/head at night.

Siargao is still a small provincial town but starting to get more touristy every year. Most establishments in General Luna only accept cash. You need to bring sufficient financial artillery because there is no ATM machine in the area, and are only accessible in Dapa, 30 minutes away from GL.

Must Try Eats in Siargao

  • Bravo: Great Food and Ambience

BRAVO is the in-house restaurant of Bravo Beach Resort Siargao and the go-to spot on the island for amazing Spanish cuisine. The menu is created by the reputed head chef David López, so we definitely recommend their Spanish food such as the tapas and the paella.

Aside from that, BRAVO also offers international options, sandwiches and amazing cocktails. The restaurant’s menu definitely offers a lot of variety, which is great: the group I traveled with was very diverse, with some of them looking for a big and hearty meal and someone like myself looking for healthy vegetarian options.!

Bravo Restaurant is open from 11AM to 10PM and is open everyday, Mondays through Sundays.

For more info you can check their FB page at Bravo Beach Resort Siargao. You can also check out their website at

  • Kermit Surf

Siargao holds a lot of hidden secrets, and one of them is Kermit. You can check out all the reviews online from travel bloggers and I concur, that it is a popular and well known fact that Kermit is among the best resort restaurants in the island.

I’ve been told that you can’t even book a cottage at Kermit for the next six months.

Image from Kermit FB page

Booking a table to have dinner here at the restaurant is a lot easier; but also has a long queue. You can’t get reservations here because of its immense popularity, so come early! They serve 2-in-1 cocktails for happy hour from 4 to 7PM, so that’s always a good excuse to come early.

The restaurant is best known for their brick oven pizzas. Pizzas are made in the authentic Italian tradition and sources the freshest ingredients only! Yum.

The restaurant is open from 7:30AM to 10PM daily and serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

You can follow them on their FB (Kermit Siargao), IG (@kermitsiargao) or check out their website at

  • Shaka Cafe: For Healthiest Food and Desserts

Shaka has been a favorite among tourists since its opening, with Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls, fresh shakes and cold-pressed juices. They are said to offer the healthiest food on the island.

The bestseller is the Bom Dia! Power Bowl and the Super Bowl. All the smoothie bowls are delicious and healthy, with all-natural ingredients such as yogurt, granola, acai, goji berries, chia seeds and real fruits. They also sell coffee and tea as well.

Photo from Shaka Siargao FB

The staff is very friendly and accommodating, and the place has a very chill vibe. We recommend you to come here when you get the chance!

Keep in mind that the smoothie bowls are a big hit across the island, and they run out fast. Better if you come early in the morning to get your smoothie bowl fix at Shaka.

For more information, check out their FB at Shaka Siargao.

  • Pleasure Point Cafe: For Best Breakfast Place

Pleasure Point is all about chill vibes and good conversations. We had breakfast here on our second day in the island, and our first taste of paradise. The cafe defines what Siargao is all about: life, surf and coffee–that’s all that matters.

Pleasure Point is an amazing place to have breakfast. If you have a big day ahead or just a big appetite, Pleasure Point Cafe is sure to serve you up a big suerfer’s breakfast. Their menu perfectly complements the surfer’s lifestyle. They have lovely crepes, omelettes and other food that make perfect pairings with coffee or tea. We tried the French Toast (my personal favorite!), Sunny Side Up and Bacon Omelette (the boys’ favorite!), Parfait and Blueberry Cheesecake.

Pleasure Point Cafe is the best place to unwind after riding the waves. They also have movie nights every Saturdays if you want to take it easy for the weekend.

For more information check out their FB The Pleasure Point Cafe Siargao.

  • Cafe Loka

Cafe Loka is a charming little cafe located conveniently in Cloud 9. They offer healthy food, great coffee and fruit shakes. Just lounge on the beach chairs and watch surfers catch waves (great for lazy bums like myself) at The Boardwalk.

Great location and just right in front of Cloud 9. What really needs to improve here though is management. Also, sometimes you come there and it’s closed.

  • Aventino’s

On our third day in Siargao our wallets were getting dry. We were splurging too much and we needed to fill our stomachs well with something more affordable. Aventino’s Pizza was the answer: it’s good and affordable!

Aventino’s Tricia Pizza (photo grabbed from Tripadvisor)

The pizza place Aventino’s had me at their Tricia Pizza, three layers of meat, veggies and cheese. All their other pizzas were just as good too–plus they also offer great pasta, rice meals and wines. It is located near Cloud 9, and they also do delivery.

  • Best Barbecue: Mama’s BBQ

Siargao cuisine is fairly simple. It’s not commercialized yet, so you won’t expect to find any McDos or Jollibees in town. I was surprised not to see any lechon places even (not even roast chicken kiosks like Chooks-to-Go. If you wanted something roasted, you have to buy the animal and find someone to roast it for you-or do it yourself.

Like Cebuanos, they like their barbecues a lot. BBQ stalls are a staple; from the beaches to the disco clubs. Mama’s BBQ is to Siargao as Larsian is to Cebu. ‘Nuff said.

So there you go, our best eats in Siargao! Did we do the Siargao food scene justice or did we miss out any of your favorite local Siargao go-to spots? Let us know!

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