Movies and Shows to Binge During No Travel Period

Streaming services have a wealth of international movies in their library, and give you a very clear glimpse of culture of the country, and maybe you can even learn a few words too--I've learned 'tranquilo!' from Money Heist and 'itadakimasu' from Terrace House. Here are some of the movies, shows and books you can consume if you feel like traveling rn.

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Filipino’s Obsession with Bathing

Filipinos are known to love bathing. We do it as frequently as possible, normally twice a day. Some people I know even go as far as bathing thrice daily during the summer! We have more shampoo and soap products and commercials than any other culture (that I know).

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This Pandemic has Unleashed my Inner Grouch

I could not stand quarantine overachievers. I couldn't stand people who are being productive during this time: doing daily pushups, enrolling online classes, doing meditation or taking up calligraphy. The nerve, people are bettering themselves while here I am, just doing my bare minimum to get through the day!

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Macau (or sometimes Macao) is a city and special administrative region of China and a former colony of the Portuguese Empire. It is best known, however, for its glitz and glamour: known as the Las Vegas of Asia, in fact bigger and with more money. Do you know that there is a direct Cebu to… Continue reading WHAT TO EXPECT: MACAU

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5 Things that Surprised Me About Living in the USA

Many, many things surprised me about USA when I lived there for a few months on exchange. I could start with guns and politics but let's deviate to more politically correct things, so here are some of the five: Doing chores is super easy! Doing chores is a lot easier in a developed country where… Continue reading 5 Things that Surprised Me About Living in the USA

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Language Classes in the Groceries, Culture Lessons on the Dinner Tables

I HAVE a weird kink that I want to confess: I get super excited with every opportunity to go grocery shopping abroad. It seems like a very mundane thing, but the grocery store is always a potential cultural lesson.

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Why Westerners are more ‘Independent’ than Asians

One night, I found myself in a hostel bar with other backpackers along the Banana Pancake Trail13 in Southeast Asia. I couldn’t remember exactly where, but I did remember drinking a beer alone in a bar called “Happy Monkey” or “Smelly Pig” or some cheesy name with an animal. Backpacker's Haven I was drinking alone,… Continue reading Why Westerners are more ‘Independent’ than Asians

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COVID Diary Day 6: Boomers Adapt

I'm proud of our boomer and how he is able to adapt to these times. Over the course of six days, I witnessed my 'rents and my friends' rents adapting to technology fairly quickly and well; getting a crash course in remote work via Zoom, media streaming via Netflix, food delivery via Grab and Foodpanda,… Continue reading COVID Diary Day 6: Boomers Adapt

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COVID Diary Day 7: The Rules of Love Have Changed

This is an interesting shift in Tinder's use case, where users previously use Tinder as a meat market for warm bodies within close distance range. Now Tinder could pivot to become a platform for soul connections and worthwhile conversations (after you pass the first and vital visual round mutually, of course.)