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Yello hotel features a lot of smart features that enable technology to make the guest experience better. Once you get to the hotel lobby, you are greeted by this charming smart robot.

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Snow World in Cebu for the Whole Family

WINTER IS COMING: SNOW WORLD CEBU It is currently Yuletide season which means one thing: Winter is coming… … unless you live in a tropical country such as the Philippines. In Cebu, we enjoy sun and rain all year round and never get to experience four seasons; and will never experience a white Christmas. Snow… Continue reading Snow World in Cebu for the Whole Family

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How to Get Flight Reservations for Visa Applications for Filipinos

One challenging part when it comes to applying for visa--whether to Europe, Canada, US or UK--is the requirement of submitting flight bookings / reservations. If you look at my visa application guides, you will see that this is a specific requirement for most countries in EU area: France Schengen Visa Guide, Norway Schengen Visa Guide,… Continue reading How to Get Flight Reservations for Visa Applications for Filipinos

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While others still seek employment even months after graduation, I was lucky enough to land a job a month before leaving the university. - Rome Nicolas

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Travel Etiquette Rules to Live By

Golden Rules When Traveling. Customs, norms and traditions may vary from culture to culture, but here are some 10 Travel Etiquette rules to live by for every millennial traveler. Enjoy!

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"Postcards from Elsewhere" Book Talk

A sit-down interview and an open forum with the author and illustrator of the "Postcards from Elsewhere" book. I

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17 Types of Guys You’ll Meet on Tinder

We all have to agree that Tinder will always be the Mecca app for all single ladies. Whether your goal is to seek for your next Ryan Gosling or just want to have a quick lay, Tinder is the one. Online dating will always be a trial and error experiment. It can be fun and all but always expect lots of twist and turns especially that Tinder has a plethora of interesting and unexpected characters.