Island Life

7,400+ islands in the Philippines and more. This is the Island Life!

  • Is Indonesia ‘Just Like the Philippines’?
    Is Indonesia like the Philippines? Indonesia, a neighboring archipelago with 13,000 islands, is a lot like us in more ways than one.
  • 4 Days in Nusa Islands, Indonesia
    4 days in Nusa Islands in Bali Indonesia Suggested Itinerary. Beautiful islands and tropical paradise!
  • Luxury Yacht Rentals in Cebu
    For travelers to Cebu who want to get the luxury experience, charter boats or avail luxury yacht rentals in Cebu, Philippines with Cebu Cruises!
  • Best Eats in Siargao
    Siargao isn’t just surfer’s paradise. It’s a foodie’s haven too. We couldn’t stop eating! Here are the top 10 best eats in Siargao.
  • Surfers and MBA
    The local boys paddled to my location so we could talk and get to know each other. Shortly after we were already exchanging stories.