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  • The Mystical Thailand Floating Markets
    Amidst the sweltering heat of tropical Thailand floating markets, we were enamored by the river, the familiarity and exoticism of it all.
  • 4 Days in Bangkok, Thailand
    4 days in Bangkok Thailand Itinerary designed for first time travelers. Get to see the essentials on what Bangkok has to offer
  • What to Expect: Bangkok, Thailand
    Thriving nightlife, shopping, gorgeous beaches, and gorgeous ladyboys–how much is truth and fiction? Here’s what t expect in Bangkok Thailand.
  • Must-Try Noodle Dishes in East Asia
    Must-Try Noodle Dishes in East Asia – They say to wage a war among Asians is to argue which country has the best noodles.


Hong Kong


  • The Curious Case of Walls
    The Curious Case of Walls – The story about a bunch of walls in Macau – and why it’s worth a story.
  • What to Expect: Macau
    Here are some of the things interesting things to expect in Macau, the Las Vegas of the East



  • What to Expect: Tokyo, Japan
    If you’re planning to visit Tokyo, Japan for the first time, here’s What to Expect in Tokyo Japan for First Timers.
  • 4 Days in Tokyo with Kids
    Tokyo is extremely efficient, clean and kid-friendly. Here’s a guide on 4 Days in Tokyo with Kids by Postcard Pretty Travels

South Korea


  • What to Expect: Indian Weddings
    One of my most unforgettable experiences is attending a friend’s Indian wedding. Here’s my experience and what to expect in Indian weddings.






  • How to Pronounce UK Places
    UK English is not as straightforward. Here’s how to properly pronounce places in the United Kingdom.
  • Stonehenge Story from an Art Teacher
    As an art history teacher, this is among the first point of entry to the subject–Stonehenge, Lascaux cave paintings, Venus of WIllendorf and other prehistoric art. To finally be in England and the Stonehenge so nearby–I couldn’t pass it up.
  • 5 days in London UK
    If you only have 5 days in London, read on the things to do here. Ideal for first time visitors.
  • How to apply for UK Visa in Cebu, Philippines
    How to apply for UK Visa in Cebu, Philippines – Step-by-step guide on how to get your UK travel visa in Cebu, Philippines