The Book

6/21/18 | Current Status: Finished the first draft manuscript! Now in need of beta readers to constructively criticize my book.

Hey reader!

Thanks for your interest.

I am currently working on a book that’s set to release EOY, (Target: December 2018)

This website serves as a window display and get you updated on news on the book. Please come back once in a while to keep me from procrastinating. (By the way, love letters from readers also keep me motivated!)

The book is entitled ‘Postcards from Elsewhere’, a compilation of published essays (2012-present) plus postcards accompanying the essays.


I’ve been working on this book for a while, revisiting old work and making sense of old notes.

In theory, it should be an easy project—this is just a curation of  published work from 2014 to present.

It’s interesting to see my journey as a writer; and even my editor has noticed the shift of perspective through the years.

As I go through my old stuff I couldn’t help but cringe at my younger self, whom I find vain and shallow and unthankful.

As I go through my notes I did notice a remarkable change in tone and perspective. I noticed the self-transformation, as I evolve from cocky, to self-loathing, to becoming more… centered.

I had really transitioned from travel writer to a story cartographer–I was not writing about places, I was mapping the world with my personal stories. I was transporting readers into a panoramic view of my psyche..

In a sense, these are all letters from a writer trying to make sense of the weirdness of life, reflecting on the meaning of pain. These were written farewell letters to the transients who sailed into and out of my life.

It’s a never-ending journey but as I back read my work, I learned more about the world–but more importantly, I learned more about myself, and my inner world.

And oh! What a colorful world.