Hello there! I’m Rachel.

Hi there!

I’m Rachel. and I’m kinda, slightly obsessed with stories.

So much so that most of what I do are dedicated towards creating, telling, and listening to stories. So much so that I founded Story Nights: Cebu, the local chapter of a live storytelling club dedicated to inspiring and empowering people with true stories. For more info, on what Story Nights is about, read this blog post.

I am a writer and contribute weekly for Sunstar under the ‘Postcard Travels’ column on Sunstar Weekend. Some of the published essays you can see under ‘Musings‘ page of this blog.

Three exciting things: a book, a show and a podcast.

I have a book coming out end of this year, which is an anthology of travel essays I’ve written throughout the years. It will be published by D&Co. Publishing.

The upcoming talk show and podcast is entitled TRIBES ( founded a marketing agency of the same name, Tribes PH). In the show, we will uncover stories and experiences of different people across different modern communities in the urban jungle of Cebu.

How I write

Sometimes I write like a poet, sometimes I write like an economist. You can blame my fine arts + MBA for that. I always see-saw between my left- and right-brain; most of the time, they don’t get along. e.g., I hate Heidegger because Nazi, but can’t help but appreciate his writings and his intricate mind.

I write fluidly and type words as my stream of thoughts flow, and hence tells a lot about my psyche: cynical and curious. Please don’t take me too seriously. Life is too short to be easily offended.

Engage with me in discourse of philosophy and history. I like figuring out how human beings work. Let’s talk about ideas and what could be? Recommend me your books and podcasts.

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