Hello there! I’m Rachel.

Hi there!

I’m Rachel. and I’m kinda, slightly obsessed with stories.

Most of what I do are dedicated towards creating, telling, and listening to stories. So much so that I founded Story Nights: Cebu, the local chapter of a live storytelling club dedicated to inspiring and empowering people with true stories. For more info, on what Story Nights is about, read this blog post.

I am a writer and contribute weekly for Sunstar under the ‘Postcard Travels’ column on Sunstar Weekend. Some of the published essays you can see under ‘Column‘.

I have a book coming out end of this year, which is an anthology of travel essays I’ve written throughout the years (2012-present), published by D&Co. Publishing.

How I write

Sometimes I write like a poet, sometimes I write like an economist. I blame my fine arts + MBA for the polar alter-egos. I see-saw between my left- and right-brain; most of the time, they don’t get along. e.g., I hate Heidegger because Nazi, but can’t help but appreciate his writings and his intricate mind.

I write fluidly and type words as my stream of thoughts flow, and hence tells a lot about my psyche: cynical and curious. Please don’t take me too seriously. Life is too short to be easily offended.

Engage with me in discourse of philosophy and history. I like figuring out how human beings work. Let’s talk about ideas and what could be? Recommend me your books and podcasts.

Follow me on IG @postcardpretty or my daily RL @racheltagaisla 🙂

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