Hey there!

I’m Rachel.

It’s a little complicated to describe me. I’ll try my best to digress.

2017-04-29 19.37.59-1


I have an undergrad in Fine Arts and an MBA; two polar worlds but I realize that I’m a misfit in either. On one hand, I’m too neurotic for the island surfer life. On the other hand, I’m too bohemian for the corporate jungle.

You know that feeling when you’re yearning for the ocean waves when you’re in the office? How about that feeling of boredom when life gets too easy? Essentially, I’m miserable in the city; but restless in the sandbar; always dreaming of being elsewhere.

It’s that search for a sweet spot that got me here. I needed to design a life and to architect an occupation for myself which would maximize my total utility; get my satisfaction equal to or a little above my level of consumption.

I’m both a poet and a quant; and you will often see me go back and forth from writing like a romantic and like an economist.

What I really wanted more than anything are earnest conversations. Deep human connections. Interactions with the world. Old sights in new eyes. Colorful cultures. Ancient texts. Exotic smells. Foreign tongues. Self-discovery.

My drive is to empower the Filipino through modern storytelling; encompassing different platforms: blog, print, digital, social media, videos, podcasts, events, and more.


Filipino, Elsewhere – essays that discovers more about the Philippine history, people and culture; as well as what it really is to be Filipino, elsewhere–traveling, living or studying overseas.

Postcard PrettyTravel blog that include travel essays and anthology, travel resources and tips for Filipinos – Tips and Hacks, Visas and Docs and Suggested Itineraries

Events and Passion Projects – Join me or collaborate with me on events and projects surrounding community and inclusion.

Most of the brand promise is still under works, but let’s keep in touch! Feel free to shoot me an email (racheltagaisla@gmail.com) or get connected via social media: Facebook (/postcardpretty), Instagram (/postcardpretty) and Quora (/Rachel Arandilla).

I’ll try my best to respond as soon as I can.

Let’s exchange stories. I’d like to hear from you!





2 thoughts on “About

  1. The design of your blog is very classy. Nice pictures too. I am currently making my own medical blog myself, would like to make it as good as yours. 😉


    1. It’s a free layout from WordPress actually! I like the way that WordPress is clean, organized and minimal. Looks very modern. Thank you and I find your blog very interesting as well! 🙂


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