Siargao is just one of the 7,000 islands in the Philippines, but it is quite well-known around the world for one thing: surfing!

Siargao has now become synonymous with surfing, attracting an international crowd of surfers during surfing season to experience the island’s acclaimed large, smooth and hollow-tubed waves. Siargao is best known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, and the 9th Best Surfing Spot in the World (CNN).

Don’t surf? It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the island! If you want to learn surfing, the island offers the best spots with beginner waves. If you’re not into the surfing scene at all, there are tons of activities you can do aside from the main event.

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The 4-day itinerary I drafted is pretty lax, but what’s there to hurry? This is the island life! If you want more activities, you can always pump up your days with more surf lessons, and some.

First of all–When to go and How to get there?

When is the best time to go? There are big waves in Siargao all year round, but on months August through November marks the surfing season when the international surfing competitions are held. The island can get pretty busy during these times with surfers from around the world coming in to experience Siargao’s famous 7 ft. waves.

There are two ways to get to Siargao: by air or by sea. Cebu Pacific offers once-daily flights to Siargao from Cebu. Be wary though, as I have heard that a lot of these flights get canceled because of the unpredictable weather. You can also get to Siargao via bangka (small boat) from Surigao.

Day 1: Relax, Explore the Island

Take it easy on the first day if you will.

Relax! Tomorrow is another day in paradise.

Hire a motorbike or bicycle and explore the island itself. I read that tarsiers are also present here, and unlike Bohol, these small primates still roam free in Siargao forests. There’s so much more to discover–General Luna is just one municipality! In Del Carmen, Siargao is home to the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao, where saltwater crocodiles thrive.

Day 2: Surf, Boardwalk, Cloud 9

Let’s get down to business–let’s learn to surf! Where are good places to surf?

Once again, Siargao is one of the best places to learn to surf. There are around a dozen other surf breaks on the island, accommodating to all difficulty levels. The most famous one, of course, is Cloud 9. The site of international surfing competitions, but for advanced skill surfers only. Right beside Cloud 9 is Quicksilver, with easier wave rides but can often get too crowded.

Other surfing areas include: Cemetery is located in an actual cemetery–I hear it is a bit of a journey to get there, but when you do, there won’t be any crowds at all. Daku has pretty strong waves and popular among intermediate surfers. One ride can get you around 200m closer to shore–so the current is strong and paddling back can take a bit of effort. You can get there by renting a small boat.

If you want to surf, please be mindful of ‘surf etiquette’, e.g. who gets to ride the waves first, etc., or you’re likely to get enemies in the ocean!

If you don’t surf, you can just watch and admire the art form at the Boardwalk. You can also just chill, have coffee or drinks by the sea. We love taking a seat and just relax here–I could definitely be lazy here forever!

Oh–another fixture here is the very friendly Oscar the dog! If you see him, please give him a big hug for me!

Day 3: Island Hopping: Naked Island, Guyam Island, Daku Island

Go island hopping and check out Siargao’s three nearby islands: Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island. Depending on your negotiation skills, you can rent a boat to visit the three islands from P1,000 to P1,500.

Don’t get disappointed–Naked Island isn’t a spot for people to go nude sunbathing. Naked Island is called such because you would not find any trees or vegetation, just a stretch of fine white sand. Daku Island is, ‘dako’ or big, in terms of the other islands we visited. Daku even has its own barangay.

(The ancestors didn’t seem to try being creative with naming their locale) We had our lunch in Daku Island before we went to our last stop, Guyam Island.

Day 4: Magpupungko Tidal Pool, Caving

From General Luna, it’s a 40-minute car ride to Magpupungko. The entrance is 50 per person. Magpupungko is named such a unique rock formation in the area. The large boulder looks like it’s sitting on top of another flat rock. The beautiful pool only unveils itself during low tide.

There’s also a beach right next to the pool with massive waves that will wipe out any entity who dared swim in it! We saw a small boat get overturned when we were here–luckily, no one was hurt!

From General Luna, it’s a 40 minute car ride to Magpupungko. The entrance fee is P50 per person.

Optional: Sohoton Cave

If you have more time to waste in paradise, make a day to see Sohoton Cave. Sohoton is famous for its jellyfish sanctuary and enchanting caves. Sohoton is three hours away from Siargao though and is closer to Surigao del Norte, so we decided to reserve Sohoton for another future trip. I don’t have firsthand experience but I hear from friends this place is majestic.

It takes 2.5 hours to get to Sohoton from GL. It’s more expensive to get there, but you can get a boat rental for around Php4,000, depending again on how well you can negotiate.

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9 thoughts on “4 days in Siargao, Philippines”

  1. I have a bunch of friends who have decided to live part-time or completely relocate to Siargao. I’ve been planning to visit, but I never found the opportunity. 4 days seems doable- thanks for providing an itinerary. I’m especially excited about Naked Island!!!

  2. I’d been to Siargao last year and it was pure awesomeness. I’d like to go back sometime since we skipped island hopping and visiting the Sohoton Cave. I also talked to some locals and apparently there are still undiscovered sites in the area such as caves, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

    Oh, in case anybody’s interested you might also want to island hop in del Carmen. The place isn’t that known to tourists:

  3. With those activities, I think I may need more than four days for that. I could spend a day just enjoying the view. Just a thought, you brought a dog with you to Siargao? 😀

  4. Nice post! My friend and I are going to Siargao in November. Did it take you one full day for the island island hopping? (three islands) Do you have any suggestions to any other places we can go to the same day before or after Magpupungko Rock Pools? 🙂 Thanks in advance! Love your blog!

  5. For those that want to spend longer than 4 days you really need to explore the North and West sides of Siargao. Many small islands off Sta Monica and San Benito to visit. The local fishermen in either town can take you around for a very reasonable rate. For the best white sand beaches there’s Alegria Beach. From Del Carmen you can explore the Mangroves or better yet head over to Sugba Lagoon.

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