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COVID Diary Day 10: Attention, Attention

Day 10, and attention is already a hard resource to come by.

Maybe because of the lack of entertainment in postponed NBA games / Olympics, it is surprising how netizens have retreated to taking the COVID conversation seriously. Quite a lot of friends on my social media has turned into either healthcare specialists or a conspiracy theorists. And of course, Tiktokers.

I see some friends in the internet contemplating on a Pornhub or YouTube or Tiktok career. I hope they were joking, because there is no absolutely no $ in Tiktok.

My attention-starved irritability is starting to come out, too. I’ve been picking petty fights with my boyfriend: from him misspelling my name to the historical accuracy of Marco Polo.

Not to be outdone, our politicians have taken a sadistic turn and playing with our feelings like Kiki did to Drake.

On March 24, news came out that Duterte is going to address the nation in two hours. Not a-fucking-gain. Every time he opens his mouth, there’s always some catastrophic bad news. The already distressed citizens of the Philippines waited in stress and anticipation on what he’s going to say next.

When he finally went live, he thanked the medical frontliners, expressed sadness over the frontliners who passed away, thanked the congress for granting him special powers, assures distribution of food and financial assistance, and finally, reminded us to ‘stay at home’, and ‘wag kayo matakot’ (do not be afraid).

And even our local politicians have followed suit. Gov. Gwen Garcia has officially announced a lockdown in Cebu. The announcement came albeit hastily, without proper guidelines.

This whole game played by our officials is beyond traumatic for the already distressed population.

This COVID-19 is bringing the best and worst of people.

But here’s a gym selfie for all of you. I need my attention, too.

Hang in there guys!

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