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COVID Diary Day 2: How to be Productive rn

On the second day of quarantine, I couldn’t help but obsessively look at the news every five or so minutes.

I was sick myself and displaying symptoms of a mild case of COVID-19. But here I am, finding myself more worried about the state of the economy = economic suicide.

Reading the news every five minutes was making it worse for my entire well-being.

I was thisclose to losing my mind completely, I remind myself to stop worrying and to focus on things that you can control. I couldn’t control the president, the local government, or the entire economy–but I could control my daily activities, and I could control my productivity.

Tito Isaac Newton had to stay at home during the Black Plague, too. While quarantined, he used the time to develop his greatest work, including the theory of gravity and the basis of calculus (Washington Post).

(College students, thank the pandemic for the birth of calculus.)

So, if Newton can do it, so can you. No excuses.

(If this is like the bubonic plague again, at least we have wifi).

All my other business activities have paused. No movement. The only project I could keep moving is a book project that I have, admittedly, been stalling for the longest time.

Aside from cleaning my room, cooking, working out indoors, catching up on books, I found there are a number of ways to keep my eternally curious and wandering mind hyped up.

Here are some other ways one can still remain productive rn:

  • Read. Catch up on that huge pile of books you bought during Big Bad Wolf. Yup, that pile gathering dust in the corner. Pick up a book and start reading. Scribd is also offering 30 days of free access in this time of COVID-19 (just go to
  • Journal. Stop picking fights with your boyfriend, or seeking attention from Tiktok. Rather than external stimuli, it’s time to do some introspection. Journal and write down your thoughts; and use this time to learn more about yourself, about the world, and have an existential crisis.

    Yay, fun!

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