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How to Get Flight Reservations for Visa Applications for Filipinos

One challenging part when it comes to applying for visa–whether to Europe, Canada, US or UK–is the requirement of submitting flight bookings / reservations.

If you look at my visa application guides, you will see that this is a specific requirement for most countries in EU area: France Schengen Visa Guide, Norway Schengen Visa Guide, Iceland Schengen Visa Guide, HOW TO APPLY FOR ITALIAN SCHENGEN VISA and HOW TO APPLY FOR UK VISA in the Philippines.

The budget traveler hack is to not buy actual flight tickets. You can just make flight reservations for free!

How to Get Flight Reservations for Visa Applications for Filipinos |
How to Get Flight Reservations for Visa Applications for Filipinos |

How to Get Flight Reservations for Visa Applications

  • via Airline Websites

Few airlines such as KLM, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways offer you ticket hold options for flight reservations with a cash option to pay via cash at their office. You can then download the flight reservation This is often free of charge and a hold of up to 24 to 48 hours. You can go to the airline website and make the booking 24 to 48 hours before you submit your documents.

  • via a Travel Agency

There are travel agencies that can create flight reservations for you for 1,000 PHP per booking.

A good friend of mine Hanna owns a travel agency RDV Voyage, I’m super lazy when we travel and she helps me most of the time with itineraries (and I just show up). I strongly recommend you to avail her services! Follow their Instagram at @rdvvoyage

IG @rdvvoyage

If you would like to get a flight reservation, please fill up the following Google Form and we’ll help you through!

  • via Visa Reservation Website

Visa Reservation offers flight itinerary for one-way, round-trip and multi-city bookings within minutes. They also can help you with hotel bookings, travel insurance, and more.

Visit the Visa Reservation website to know more.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I buy a flight ticket before applying for a visa?
A: Again, I strongly advise not to risk your money and book a flight in case of denial of visa. Long-haul flight tickets are not exactly cheap!

Q: Can I buy an open or one way flight ticket?
A: Booking a one-way flight ticket is not recommended, and you will have higher chances of approval if you get a round-trip booking. Remember that the documents serve as proof that you would be coming back to the Philippines and not staying illegally.

Q: Can I make a flight reservation ticket?
A: Technically, it’s easy to fake a flight itinerary right now. There are tons of sites who can do these services. However, we don’t recommend doing it, as this could also be cause for visa refusal as well.

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