Story Nights Cebu

Story Nights Cebu – Those Were The Days

Last October 25, Story Nights: Cebu held another amazing night of stories celebrating the olden days with the theme ‘Those were the days’.

Story Nights Cebu – Those were the days

The night was filled with stories surrounding ‘Those Were the Days’ — stories about the good ol ‘days, nostalgic childhoods, lost years, and carefree summers.

The event was held in KMC Solutions at 16F Skyrise 4 in Cebu IT Park, organized and hosted by the Story Nights team: Rachel Arandilla, Donald Villamero and Jehan Marmita.

We started the night with ex-showbiz turned music producer / filmmaker, and now aspiring entrepreneur with his new venture Portbrew Cebu. He shared to the audience his journey in a handful of songs he released–as long as his story of ambition, arrogance, and learning the ways of the world.

Piero Vergara for Story Nights Cebu

Our second storyteller is Paris, currently a Junior Consultant at BPA consultancy and a Managing Partner of Integrated Marketing Communications.

Paris Gaudan for Story Nights Cebu

His story was fun, light and lively, as he recalled his street adventures and childhood and how it molded Paris and the lessons it taught him.

Rafi is our third storyteller who is currently a writer and draftsman. On her free time she pursues other passions, costume designing, props making and cosplaying.

Rafi Mustafa for Story Nights Cebu

Still hung over from her recent high school reunion, nothing could be more nostalgic than reminiscing what it was like being a Batang 90’s.

Paula Garcia for Cebu Story Nights

Paula is founder and president of the first-ever gourmet spice brand in the Philippines – Molinos de la Especia. She shared her fond memories of her childhood and being her dad’s favorite kid–we could not help being teary-eyed by the story and lesson she shared to everyone in the room–we are all sons and daughters first, after all.

Marq Martin is our Renaissance man. An entrepreneur who owns a business training company and office furniture store, he is also an author of the book ‘Changing the Filipino Mindset’ along with several other books.

He shared his story on how he moved from US to Philippines, and also showcased his talents in spoken word and NLP.

Chris, our senior storyteller a.k.a. techie grandpa, is a ‘Boholonese’ engineer with two daughters and two grandkids.

Everyone laughed and enjoyed his valuable and nostalgic stories growing up in the ideal times, before the advent of technology and internet.

Last but not the least is our colorful storyteller with vibrant and diverse stories — Albert Chan Paran.

Albert is a well-known in the film and media industry. An actor and producer, among his many achievements include: Film Ambassador Awardee at Film Development Council of the Philippines, Best Actor (Short Film) at International Film Festival Manhattan NYC, and Audience Favorite Film winner for the short film “JULIE” at 1st Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival 2016.

His stories are about his many adventures in the blue bar darkroom with the BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! from Manila to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hollywood, USA all the way to Vienna, Austria.

During the event, we also had some great impromptu storytellers where they shared about their ‘good ol’ days’–lives spent in Vietnam, Singapore and the base camp!

Portbrew Cebu - Cold Brew Coffee
Piero Vergara’s Portbrew Cebu

We all capped the event with new friends, giggles, laughters and shared emotions. We also especially thank Portbrew Cebu for the amazing free cold brew coffee served during the event!

A big shoutout to our hardworking Story Nights team and volunteers! Jehan manning the booth and timing, Rachel and Donald for co-hosting, and Aya for the photos! You all spark joy and are integral for making the event a big success!

Storytellers Roster at Story Nights Cebu
Storytellers Roster at Story Nights Cebu
Successful Storytelling Night Event at Cebu
Successful Storytelling Night Event at Cebu

To know more about Story Nights: Cebu, do visit the following FB Page Story Nights: Cebu and IG @storynightscebu

About Story Nights Cebu

We operate on a PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT basis. Give whatever you think the event is worth! We thank you for sharing your stories and energy with us.

Story Nights is a non-profit association dedicated to the spirit of stories. It originated in Europe in 2015 and is now in 7 different cities: Bratislava (Slovakia), Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), Chandigarh (India), Manila (Philippines), Bari (Italy) and of course, Cebu, Philippines!

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